Optimistic Bias about COVID-19 Infection Susceptibility across Demographics in Pakistan

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Muhammad Asif
Saima Ghazal
Musa Kazim
Maria Idrees
Usman Ahmad Zaheer




Optimistic bias in terms of risk estimates about COVID-19 infection susceptibility in Pakistani population is a threat which will cause horrifying results, just like Italy, France, and USA. We present estimates of perceived risk of COVID-19 infection susceptibility across demographics in Pakistani population.


In the last week of may, 2020, an online survey (N = 440) was conducted in Pakistan. A questionnaire was developed in Urdu language about people’s perceptions of risk judgments about COVID-19 infection susceptibility.


Estimate of perceived risk of COVID-19 infection for one’s self was low than for the others. These irrationally optimistic estimates about COVID-19 infection susceptibility were consistent across gender, age levels, and education levels.


Results of this survey were consistent with the previous researches, representing that people are optimistically biased about the susceptible for COVID-19 infection. Further studies are needed to find out the caused of optimistic bias and its effects on actual protective behaviors.


Keywords: optimistic bias, risk judgments, COVID-19 infection

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Asif, M., Ghazal, S. ., Kazim, M. ., Idrees, M. ., & Zaheer, U. A. (2020). Optimistic Bias about COVID-19 Infection Susceptibility across Demographics in Pakistan. Journal of Research in Psychology, 2(2), 19–23. https://doi.org/10.31580/jrp.v2i2.1488


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