The Impact of Workload on Job Satisfaction and mediating effect of Job Stress


  • Muhammad Yasir Anwar Higher Education Commission, Islamabad


Project, Workload, Job Satisfaction, Higher Education Projects


It is evident that job satisfaction had become a challenge for a project-based workforce due to various reasons including job stress, not only impacting the employee performance but also resulting in health-related issues. In public sector, specifically in Pakistan, workload related issues are becoming common, therefore, the research is focused to study the impact of workload on job satisfaction, time limitations and mediating role of job stress to job satisfaction. The study will address development projects of higher education sector of Pakistan that are implemented at public sector universities across Pakistan. The data will be collected through questionnaire from project employees of Higher Education Commission and public sector universities of Pakistan. The SPSS analytical tool will be used for data analysis to indicate the impact of workload and job satisfaction and mediating impact of job stress to the job satisfaction.