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Warnars, H. L. H. S. (2020). ONLINE TRANSPORTATION SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING DRIVING BEHAVIOUR. Open Journal of Science and Technology, 3(4), 364-373.


Traffic is a problem in every nation. Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in Indonesia, certainly has such one of the biggest problems in the world, especially in big cities such as Jakarta. This is mostly contributed by the number of vehicles in Jakarta. Combine with current trends of Online transportation; the problem is getting bigger. Online transportation is on the rise in Indonesia. Sometimes seen as providing more benefits to people of Indonesia, online transportation also has its side-effects. As the number of online transportations rises, so is the level of traffic in big cities such as Jakarta. This traffic is also getting worse due to the bad driving behavior of Indonesian people, especially the online transportation driver. To better relieve traffic, a system to improve the drivers’ behavior can be developed to ensure safety, increasing driving behavior awareness, and hopefully decrease the traffic problem as a whole.


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