Published: 2022-02-09

Effects of corporate governance on management earnings: Study based on non-financial firms in Pakistan

Shagufta Ashraf, Maria Karim Khokher, Shahid Mehmood, Muhammad Mudassar Khan


Contributions, links, association strength and collaborations in SERVQUAL & healthcare research

Javed Ali, Ahmad Jusoh, Norhalimah Idris, Naveed Akhtar Qureshi, Nasrullah, Alhamzah F. Abbas, Nabeel Nisar


An analysis of primary healthcare in terms of service management standards in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Malik Fahim Bashir, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Syed Imran Rais, Syed Tahir Hussain


Corporate restructuring and financials firms performance: Evidence from Pakistan

Noor Muhammad , Farooq Shah, Syed Arshad Ali Shah, Muhammad Nisar Khan


Non-random walk in cryptocurrency: An empirical analysis of bitcoin

Ahmad Fraz, Arshad Hassan , Sumayya Chughtai