Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight

Current Issue

Vol 3 No 4 (2020)
Published December 31, 2020

The Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight (JPVAI) is a peer-reviewed, international quarterly that publishes original, theoretical, empirical, quantitative and qualitative research in the broad field of public value and administration. This includes recent development in the areas of public value, management, and administrative sciences as well as interdisciplinary research in related fields, such as governance, personnel administration, human resource management, organizational behavior, sustainability, innovation, leadership studies, marketing, commerce, finance, economic and operations management.


Muhammad Ikbal, Ardi Paminto, Irwansyah, Dio Caisar Darma, Yana Ulfah, Zainal Ilmi
Business and accounting standards that only support the capitalist interest: Critical thinking with institutional theory
Ashikul Hoque, Farzana Afrin Shikha , Mohammad Waliul Hasanat , Md. Ikram Hossain, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Huam HonTa
A Global Economic & Tourism After Covid-19 Pandemic: A Review Paper
Sidra Salam, Aslan Amat Senin, Muhammad Irfan Sheeraz Sheeraz, Syeda Sana Zainab
Innovation Management: A Bibliometric Analysis
Asmara Irfan, Zuraidah Sulaiman, Hira Liaquat
Root Causes of Terrorism: A Systematic Review of Past Decade
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