Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight 2023-04-27T05:10:35-04:00 Abdul Sami Open Journal Systems <p><strong>The Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight (JPVAI)</strong> is a peer-reviewed, international quarterly that publishes original, theoretical, empirical, quantitative, and qualitative research in the broad field of public value and administration. This includes recent development in the areas of public value, management, and administrative sciences as well as interdisciplinary research in related fields, such as governance, personnel administration, human resource management, organizational behavior, sustainability, innovation, leadership studies, marketing, commerce, finance, economic and operations management.</p> An analysis governance challenges in Covid-19 response operations in Malawi: A wicked problems theoretical perspective 2023-04-27T05:10:35-04:00 Kizito Elijah Kanyoma Collins Duke Namakhwa Taonga Mhango Linda Kwilasi Sesani Isaac Simeon <p class="RiAbstractText">This paper examines the governance challenges in the management of Covid-19 response operations in Malawi. The paper contrasts inefficiencies within the Malawi Public Sector Covid-19 response system (PSCRS), against a more efficient but resource-constrained citizens’ initiative. Utilising a wicked problems theoretical perspective in the background, this qualitative study collected data from official government publications on the one hand, <a name="_Hlk91711207"></a>and from social media platforms – Facebook, and official records of the citizens’ initiative known as the Covid Response Private Citizens (CRPC), on the other hand. We undertook a comparative analysis of resources at the disposal of each initiative and their respective outputs. The findings show that the citizens’ initiative was accountable, with more efficient and transparent humanitarian response operations than the PSCRS. Further, the PSCRS demonstrated systemic deficiency and wickedness, characterised by misappropriation and other forms of abuse of public funds meant for the pandemic. Thus, the citizens’ initiative achieved more with far limited resources than the public sector initiative. This paper argues that in the fight against the pandemic, public funds could have been saved and needless loss of lives averted had the PSCRS operated with the same level of efficiency, responsiveness and accountability as the CRPC in the procurement and disbursement of essential Covid-19 supplies and other interventions. The paper concludes that the PSCRS is in itself a wicked problem that requires a solution before it can be deployed to deal with a more wicked problem, the Covid-19 pandemic.</p> 2023-04-16T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight Meta-analysis of the administration of water services on residential consumption in the Covid-19 era 2023-04-27T05:08:26-04:00 Cruz García Lirios <p class="RiAbstractText">The retrospective studies have allowed to observe the historical differences between two public water policies. The objective of this study was to establish the proportions of probability, considering a systematic review of the literature from 2010 to 2019, as well as the reports of effects on residential consumption. A documentary, retrospective and exploratory study was carried out with an intentional selection of sources indexed to international repositories. A narrower risk margin was observed in the subsidy policy compared to the forgiveness policy. The scope and limits were discussed, noting a prospective analysis to observe the paulative substitution of sub-sites by a collection system based on the historical availability of water.</p> 2023-04-16T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight