Contributions, links, association strength and collaborations in SERVQUAL & healthcare research

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Javed Ali
Ahmad Jusoh
Norhalimah Idris
Naveed Akhtar Qureshi
Alhamzah F. Abbas
Nabeel Nisar


Purpose: The purpose of the paper was to explore the central themes of the search i.e., ‘SERVQUAL & Healthcare’ and the link associations between them. It also aimed at identifying the valuable contributions made by authors, journals, countries, and institutions in ‘SERVQUAL & Healthcare’ search around the world. Methodology: Data was extracted from 2010 to 2020 by using Scopus database and analysed through VOSviewer software and MS Excel. PRISMA guidelines were followed to screen and select the records. Findings: Results revealed International Journal of Health Care Quality, Chahal, H., Pradhan, B.B., and Samal, A, India and King Abdul Aziz University were the leading journal, authors, country, and institution according to the publication of documents, respectively. Huang C.-Y. and Li M., and United States were the most collaborated and associated authors and country to other authors and countries according to their total link strength score. The most prominent keywords found were healthcare, service quality, SERVQUAL and patient satisfaction. Originality: The current study, to best of our knowledge, was the first of its kind in mapping the ‘SEVQUAL & Healthcare’ search. This will aid in shaping and understanding the central themes and set the future research directions for the researchers and practitioners.

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Ali, J., Jusoh, A., Idris, N., Qureshi, N. A., Nasrullah, Abbas, A. F., & Nabeel Nisar. (2022). Contributions, links, association strength and collaborations in SERVQUAL & healthcare research. Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight, 4(4), 350–363.


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