Journal of Marketing and Information Systems 2020-08-21T21:48:01-04:00 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam Roomi Open Journal Systems <p>The Journal of Marketing and Information Systems (JMIS) is devoted to publishing academically empirical and theoretical research articles. The journal encourages different thoughts or modern approaches on current research and also the cross-functional, multi-functional studies that reproduce the variety of the marketing and commercialization related occupations.</p> E-commerce Optimization with the Implementation of Social Media and SEO Techniques to Boost Sales in Retail Business 2020-08-13T04:36:59-04:00 Mohammad Waliul Hasanat Ashikul Hoque A. Bakar Abdul Hamid <p>E-commerce is said to be the selling and buying of goods and services through an electronic network called the internet. The survival of each of the business in this era is highly dependable on the sales. Further, if the business wants to earn the highest sales then it is important to have a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. The research is aiming at e-commerce optimization with the implementation of social media and the SEO techniques for boosting sales in the retail business. It is helping in increasing the sales of the retail online businesses. E-commerce optimization with the implementation of SEO techniques and social media in the retail businesses are helping in boosting sales. Primary and secondary research methods were used in this research process. The secondary research will be executed by reviewing different kinds of literature. For the primary research, the survey technique will be used for conducting quantitative research. &nbsp;The results illustrate that the implementation of social media and the SEO techniques are helping in boosting the sales of the retail business. Social media can attain maximum customers and could influence their purchases. It is important for the e-commerce business to increase traffic with the help of social media strategy.</p> <p>From the analyzed results, it can be said that social media implementation with SEO techniques is essential for boosting sales in the retail e-commerce businesses. E-commerce optimization is also essential for improving sales along with these elements.</p> 2020-08-11T06:49:39-04:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Marketing and Information Systems Exploring Factors Affecting Brand Marketing of Bangladesh Steel Industry: A Qualitative Approach 2020-08-21T21:48:01-04:00 Rashed Al Karim <p><em>The steel industry of Bangladesh is now an emerging and one of the major industrial sectors of the country. Steel being a high-end product it is necessary to create a strong brand positioning of the steel brand in the customers mind in order to reap benefits and have a strong competitive advantage over other steel companies. This paper aims to explore the marketing communication factors that affect the brand marketing of </em><em>steel industry in Bangladesh</em><em> based on the perceptions of corporate firms and the retailers. To collect interview data, a total of 10 in-depth semi-structured interviews was conducted from the corporate firms and the retailers of Chittagong city which were further analyzed thematically through NVivo-11 software. Under the theme of corporate and retailers’ perceptions, this study found eight sub-themes such as brand value, brand activities, customer demand, direct communication, facilities, price, qualities, and workshops &amp; seminar. </em><em>Eventually, this study was concluded by providing a few recommendations for organisational implication</em>.</p> 2020-08-11T06:50:37-04:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Marketing and Information Systems Factors Influencing Brand Equity of Sportswear Brand Among Young Adult In Malaysia 2020-08-13T04:37:00-04:00 Nurain Farahaina Binti Ilias Tony Khoo Weii Liang Michelle Claudia Lo Ummi Sakinah binti Nor Afendi Sim Shin Yee Nur Izzati binti Badruddin <p>This research purpose is to study the factors that influencing brand equity of sportswear brand among young adult in Malaysia. Since there are a lot of new brand come into the industry, brand equity become more crucial day by day. Moreover, there are varieties of factors to achieve high brand equity. There were 3 objectives in this research study: (1) To investigate the factors that influencing brand equity of sportswear brand among young adult in Malacca, (2) To verify the relationship between brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand image and brand associations with brand equity of sportswear brand among young adult in Malacca, (3) To determine the factors that gives biggest impact on brand equity of sportswear brand among young adult in Malacca. SPSS and SEM PLS techniques were used to analyse the data. These studies were focus for the population of young adult in Malacca and the researcher distributed questionnaires to 200 respondents. This research study can facilitate the marketer of manufacturer to understand the foremost factors that may influence consumer which is young adult to purchase a sportswear brand and will advantage marketers in promoting and raising the sportswear production of original product. The result from this research showed that brand awareness gives the most influenced on brand equity.</p> 2020-08-11T06:51:38-04:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Marketing and Information Systems The Impact of E-Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Malaysia 2020-08-13T04:37:00-04:00 Wong Hhi San Wong Yee Von Muhammad Imran Qureshi <p>This study referred to E-S-QUAL model of determinant of electronic service quality in online shopping context and, the purposed of the study is to determine the impact of e-service quality on customer satisfaction. Literature supports the concept that quality of e-services are interlinked concepts and it has the linkage with the customer satisfaction as well.The data were collected from 363 undergraduate students in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka (UTeM) by using multistage cluster sampling to identify the respondents. The study result indicated that the overall level of satisfaction on e-service quality by students was at a moderate level. The results showed that the customer satisfaction and the dimensions of e-service quality namely; efficiency, fulfilment, privacy and system availability are positively correlated with one another. Quantitative research method was employed to test the proposed hypotheses of the study. Data was analyzed by using PLS-SEM. The result highlighted that the four dimensions in e-service quality are a significant predictor that portrayed significant fit to the model of customer satisfaction. The findings of the study may contribute to the literature of same context and, to the online retailer as a guideline to formulate a new plan in improving customer satisfaction. Therefore, the present study is aimed at exploring the benefits of quality in e-services to deal with customer satisfaction.</p> 2020-08-11T06:53:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Marketing and Information Systems Factors Affecting Brand Switching Behavior in Telecommunication: A Quantitative Investigation in Faisalabad Region 2020-08-13T04:37:00-04:00 Umair Manzoor Sajjad Ahmad Baig Muhammad Usman Muhammad Ibrahim Shahid <p>The purpose of the study is to investigate the factors effecting brand switching behavior of customers in the telecommunication industry of Pakistan. The study is conducted in Faisalabad city. A quantitative approach has been employed to measure the relationships between the variables of the study. Primary data was collected through a Questionnaire. The sample of 204 respondents were selected on the basis of convenient sampling. SPSS was used to record and compute data. The Regression analysis, reliability, and Correlation tests were applied in order to test research hypothesis. The findings reveal that price, brand image, network quality, value-added services, and promotional activities directly influence consumer switching behavior among youngsters. The outcomes of the research can help telecommunication companies in deciding what factors are more important to keep customers loyal and to discourage brand switching.</p> 2020-08-11T06:54:31-04:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Journal of Marketing and Information Systems