E-commerce Optimization with the Implementation of Social Media and SEO Techniques to Boost Sales in Retail Business

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Mohammad Waliul Hasanat
Ashikul Hoque
A. Bakar Abdul Hamid


E-commerce is said to be the selling and buying of goods and services through an electronic network called the internet. The survival of each of the business in this era is highly dependable on the sales. Further, if the business wants to earn the highest sales then it is important to have a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. The research is aiming at e-commerce optimization with the implementation of social media and the SEO techniques for boosting sales in the retail business. It is helping in increasing the sales of the retail online businesses. E-commerce optimization with the implementation of SEO techniques and social media in the retail businesses are helping in boosting sales. Primary and secondary research methods were used in this research process. The secondary research will be executed by reviewing different kinds of literature. For the primary research, the survey technique will be used for conducting quantitative research.  The results illustrate that the implementation of social media and the SEO techniques are helping in boosting the sales of the retail business. Social media can attain maximum customers and could influence their purchases. It is important for the e-commerce business to increase traffic with the help of social media strategy.

From the analyzed results, it can be said that social media implementation with SEO techniques is essential for boosting sales in the retail e-commerce businesses. E-commerce optimization is also essential for improving sales along with these elements.

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Mohammad Waliul Hasanat, Ashikul Hoque, & A. Bakar Abdul Hamid. (2020). E-commerce Optimization with the Implementation of Social Media and SEO Techniques to Boost Sales in Retail Business. Journal of Marketing and Information Systems, 3(1), 1–5. https://doi.org/10.31580/jmis.v3i1.1193


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