Nigerian Federalism Problems in Prospects

  • Mustapha Alhaji Ali Department of Political Science and Administration Yobe State University, Damaturu. Nigeria
  • Fatima Ahmed Ahmed Department of Political Science University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
Keywords: Federalism; Nigerian; Problems; Prospects


The paper examined Nigerian federalism problems in prospects. Nigerian as a nation was amalgamated in 1914. The unification of the two protectorates under one canopy has created a problem in power-sharing and resources allocation among the diverse ethnic groups. Certainly, the federal system operating in the Nigerian context has created a lot of problems and prospects because of the heterogeneity nature of the country that unites diverse people under one umbrella. This study is qualitative research, data were obtained through books, journals, newspapers, magazines, reports. These data were thoroughly reviewed to explain the topic under examination. To support this paper the researcher adopted Pluralism theory. This theory by tradition explains the complication and heterogeneity nature of the country. This is because of the diverse ethnic groups and ethnoreligious differences that were united under one federating units. The study found that federalism was born to unite people of different religion, ethnicity, culture, and traditions so as to enhance the national inity as well as the economy. But the major problem of Nigerian federalism is power sharing and resources allocation across the regions and states. It is found that under the federal system there are serious problems of majority domination over the minority. These have led to ethno-religious conflicts in the nation because of unequal access to national resources and power sharing among the citizens. To overcome these problems the study recommended that: Aall the citizens of the confederating units should be treated equally in term of power and resources allocations. To maintain equality and justice among the citizens. The government should adhere to the principles of federal character commission. To minimize the problems of federalism Nigeria should ensure equality and justice in power and resources allocation among its citizen in the federating units.

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