Influence of financial performance on underpricing of shares

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Nurul Hayati
Lydia Goenadhi
Nor Baiti
Budi Artinah


Differences in shares prices before being traded on the secondary market caused investors to prefer to buy shares through the initial market at a much lower set price (underpricing of shares The Company wants to signal open information in terms of financial statements to investors by publishing a prospectus financial statement containing the financial performance of the company so that the company can make the right decisions regarding future investments and avoid information asymmetry (Guiness, 1992). This research aims to empirically test independent variables namely financial performance against variable dependent underpricing shares of banking corporations in 2019-2020, both simultaneously and partially. This study sampled as many as 60 banking corporations taken by purposive sampling methods. This study sampled as many as 60 banking corporations taken by purposive sampling methods. This research uses a quantitative approach through multiple regression analysis testing. The researcher found by partially testing that Earnings Per Share (X4), and Price Earning Ratio (X5) variables together influenced on Of Shares underpricing, whereas, the Current Ratio (X1), Return on Equity-ROE (X1), and Return of Assets-ROA (X3) variables had no significant influence on under-pricing of shares.

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Hayati, N. ., Goenadhi, L. ., Baiti, N. ., Mujennah, & Budi Artinah. (2021). Influence of financial performance on underpricing of shares. Journal of Economic Info, 8(3), 97–103.
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Mujennah, Department of Accounting, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia, Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Certified Expert Assistant Lecturer
 Teaching and Guiding students
 Conducting research and
 Served as Head of CPA Test Center

Master of accounting graduates of the University of Indonesia
Graduates of accountant profession trisakti university
Bachelor of economics at Lambung Mangkurat University


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