Review of justice for sustainability in the Covid-19 era

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José Marcos Bustos Aguayo
Margarita Juárez Nájera
Cruz García Lirios
María del Rosario Molina González


The resources and services being public open the discussion about their redistributive justice. That is the differences between governors and governed orient community self-management or state management, discarding socio-state co-management as a balance between the parties. In this way, the objective of the study was to model the dimensions of justice for sustainability, considering a review from 2019 to 2021. A structure of five dimensions was found that explained the research discussion, suggesting the approach of tariff policies as regulators of environmental resources and sectoral demands. Thus, justice for sustainability is a central category in the conflict between public administration and users.

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Aguayo , J. M. B. ., Nájera, M. J. ., Lirios, C. G. ., & María del Rosario Molina González. (2021). Review of justice for sustainability in the Covid-19 era. Journal of Economic Info, 8(3), 88–96.


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