Brand Association and Sales Growth: A Study of Nigeria the Flour Milling Industry

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Itunuoluwa Adeoye
Ayodele O.E
Adesuyi I.O
Ayo M.F


Branding has developed in the minds of customers a strong and positive perception of a company's products or services. However, most of these businesses struggle to use branding strategy to differentiate themselves from competition and grow sales. The goal of this study is to assess the impact of brand association tactics on the sales growth of flour milling enterprises. The major technique of data collection was administered questionnaire to the sales and marketing employees of the selected flour milling enterprises in Lagos State. The findings indicated that brand connections have a positive and considerable impact on sales growth. The study recommends that brand managers should also ensure that customers' interactions with the brand remain consistent in order to generate sales growth.

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Adeoye, I., Ayodele O.E, Adesuyi I.O, & Ayo M.F. (2022). Brand Association and Sales Growth: A Study of Nigeria the Flour Milling Industry. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research, 4(3), 60–63.


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