Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences <p>Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences provides a versatile tool tailored to your conference publishing requirements. Publishing your proceedings on Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is very affordable and accessible by the readership is open without registration or charge. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is run by the Connecting Asia Research Network for the scientific community. Moreover, the online publication process is fast thanks to the software system that runs the entire editorial procedure. Conference organizers are thus provided with a very convenient, web-based tool for running the publication of the proceedings.</p> en-US (Sobia Irum) (Nohman Khan) Sun, 02 Jul 2023 06:03:57 -0400 OJS 60 Assessing The Benefit of Adopting TQM Philosophy and Green Supply Chain Management Towards Sustainable Operations: An Evidence from Textile Industries of Pakistan <p class="RiAbstractText">This research paper delves into the examination of the advantages associated with the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) practices in Pakistan's textile industry to foster sustainable operations. The study discovers that the adoption of TQM and GSCM practices yields positive outcomes for sustainable operations, encompassing improvements in product quality, operational efficiency, and environmental preservation. Nonetheless, certain barriers impede the implementation process, including a lack of awareness, limited resources, and resistance to change. The study puts forth several recommendations tailored to the textile industry, encompassing leadership commitment, employee training initiatives, supplier collaboration, and the integration of sustainability principles into the organizational culture. By shedding light on the benefits of TQM and GSCM practices, the research contributes to existing knowledge by providing empirical evidence that supports the notion of leveraging these practices in the textile industry. Such adoption leads to competitive advantages, cost savings, and the cultivation of environmental responsibility within the industry.</p> Umair Manzoor Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Development of Multi Language Communication in Local People using Electronic Dictionary <p>Research objectives were to develop e-dictionary in Thai, Lao Vieng, Mon, English and Chinese language to enchance cultural tourism communication in Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, and to evaluate the e-book effectiveness. The research methodology is divided into four main parts: 1. development of linguistic content using focusing groups of 10 people with cultural and language knowledge of nationalities to analyze important cultural content and the translation of cultural content at the level of words, conversation and description from Thai to Lao Vieng, Mon, English and Chinese languages, and 2. developing an e-book with a multimedia appearance. The findings include: 1. The content of the book is divided into 5 chapters: Chapter 1 local food and desserts, Chapter 2 clothes, Chapter 3 local products, Chapter 4 cultural attractions, and Chapter 5 cultural activities with efficiency of 80.4/80.33.</p> Panornuang Sudasna Na Ayudhya Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Self-Directed Learning and Web-Based English Access to Improve EFL Speaking Skills <p class="RiAbstractText">For millennial learners, SDL and self-access English study on the web are interesting learning options. Physical space and separation are anticipated since web-based learning may be accessed at any time and from any place. The present study's goal is to find out what kinds of English-language websites students use to improve their speaking skills. Additionally, it is anticipated to look at how learners' perceptions of their speaking skills (cognitive, emotional, and complex) grow as a result of self-directed learning for web-based English access. Due to the improvement in their speaking abilities for SDL and web-based English access, fourth-year undergraduate students in the Indonesian English department were the subjects of the research. The ATLAS.ti application benefits from the thematic analysis of the collected internet data. Three speaking improvement characteristics may be supported by the findings: (1) cognition, fluency, and accuracy outcomes; (2) emotional and motivational outcomes; and (3) learners' problems while using SDL web-based learning. Our study has certain limits, however, and we highly advise participatory action research for future work to assess time management and tailor learning tactics to the level of the learner. The English-language site design will be addressed last.</p> Ranta Butarbutar Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Corona’s Impact on the Pharmacy Sector <p>An additional twenty thousand cases were founded in the Indonesian pharmacy sector. The Coronavirus caused an explosion in stock prices in the pharmaceutical sector, which concerns diseases easily transmitted between humans. The health sector has been severely affected and must reset its common goal of ending the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of the National pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia was highly expected to support the acceleration of national economic recovery, as stated in the G-20 presidency, namely the vision of supporting sustainability finance and sustainability trust in sustainable development (Mulyani, 2022). With economic sustainability development globally, investor confidence will be more significant in the company's sustainability reporting, so investors are willing to pour some of their funds (Shauki, 2022). Non-financial reporting (NFR) aspects focus on the environment, society and governance and reflect significant positive and negative impacts on humans, the environment and economic aspects (Shauki, 2022). The Indonesian Company's Sustainability Report demonstrates the commitment of companies in Indonesia. Researchers are trying to find empirical evidence of the impact of company performance with sustainability reporting as a moderating variable on the company's value. The results showed that the capital structure affects the company value; earnings and size do not affect the company value. Sustainability reporting as a moderation variable can strengthen the relationship between variable capital structure, company size and earnings.</p> Yanuar Bachtiar , Mujennah Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Academics Performance Evaluation: Comparative Study between Indonesia and Malaysia <p class="RiAbstractText">Many universities are in a challenging situation when they face accreditation procedures to prove their quality assurance. One of the roots of this particular situation is lacking academic staff assessments regularly, while to support the individual performance evaluation systems, the university can utilize the existing system to integrate with the applied system for the work assessments. Thus this study aims to identify the relevant procedures that include preparation and implementation of the performance evaluation process through an integrated system. This research explores the academic performance evaluation system implemented by higher education institutions in Malaysia and Indonesia at the current stage. Indonesia has a standard performance evaluation system, which is applied by all universities, while in Malaysia each university has its system of performance evaluation. Teaching and learning, research, community service, and supporting tasks are the four main criteria that will be evaluated for both countries, but in Malaysia, the weightage is different depending on the university. University's vision and mission, strong leaders, clear and measurable targets for each individual, supportive academic atmosphere, supporting infrastructure, wide networking, individual awareness in achieving the best performance, and supporting working atmosphere are critical success factors (CSF) identified as research findings for the best performance achievement. In the long term, this approach can be useful for accreditation purposes and other university strategic decisions.</p> Anton Mulyono Azis, Maya Irjayanti , Deni Hamdani , Norziah Othman , Noor Raudhiah Abu Bakar, Puan Marhaini Abdul Ghani Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Quality System, Quality User, Quality Information, and Fraud Risk Management of Telecommunication Companies <p>Fraud cases in Malaysia which involve internet users have been on the rise despite the preventive measures that have been established and implemented in the country. Thus, to prevent fraud, it is critical to investigate Malaysian telecommunications users' perceptions on the important elements of the quality information system for the purpose of fraud risk management. In this study, the elements which are investigated include the quality of the system (QS), the quality of the information (QI), and quality of the users (QU) for fraud risk management (FRM). An online survey was conducted by sending out a survey link to 500 Internet users; however, only 55 people (11%) responded to the survey. Reliability analysis shows that all items on QS, QI, QU, and FRM were reliable because the Cronbach’ Alpha is more than 0.900. In terms of the importance of the variables under investigation, there are positive and significant relationships between the dependent variable which is FRM and the independent variables, that is, QS, QI and QU and vice versa. There are also positive and significant relationship between the QS, QI and QU.</p> Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani, K. Sarojani Devi Krishnan, Khairul Azizan Suda, Fatimazahra Chahhoub Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 A Comparative Analysis of Current Developments in Social Security Studies <p>Though a country’s social security system is closely related to its economy and society, it is directly designed and operated by its politics (Hicks 1999; Stephens et al. 1999). Unlike social security studies from other academic perspectives, political science always tries to identify the essential political mechanism creating a country’s social security system. By focusing on political factors’ impact on social security development, the structure and the qualitative development of a social security system, in addition to the political results of the running of social security system, existing studies usually start from a macro and supply perspective, preferring to use official statistical data on macro supply to support their arguments. Compared with political science studies, economic studies on social security usually identify the correlation between the economy and social security by testing their mutual effects and paying attention to the economic efficiency of the running of social security system, preferring quantitative methods and statistical data to evaluate national social security development and test the hypothesis on the correlation. Sociologists focus on ‘how a society modifies its social security, and what social security does to the society’. They also test mutual interactions between their independent and dependent variables, as do scholars from the other two schools, but prefer using data obtained through surveys and usually start from a micro and demand perspective. This review will examine the general nature and value of the development of existing studies from a political perspective. The fact that studies with the same arguments may adopt different methods, or studies may use similar methods to support very different arguments, seriously undermines the reliability of arguments put forward by existing reviews, especially in the case of individual countries. To eliminate that problem, a proper review, comparison and evaluation of the major aspects of existing studies is necessary to identify the main arguments of previous studies on social security system, as well as their limitations, from a political science perspective.</p> Guan Huang Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Determination of Motivation, Work Environment, and Work Communication on Performance through Competence at Puskesmas Sekota Batam <p class="RiAbstractText">The problems that occur in the puskesmas, are a lack of motivation from Puskesmas employees so that achievement and performance are not optimal, the work environment is not bright enough so that employees are not optimal at work, lack of communication between fellow employees and subordinates so that goals have not been carried out properly, and lack of competence causes non-fulfillment of employee competencies that are appropriate or not in accordance with their areas of expertise. The population is 190 respondents, with the Slovin Formula sample being 129 respondents. The model used is to combine quantitative with AMOS v.24 SEM software. Research result obtained the following results: The determination of variable motivation over variable ability is significantly positive. The variable that determines the working environment <span class="gc-replacement">variable, "competence"</span> is <span class="gc-replacement">positive.</span> Variable decisions in work communication with respect to variable abilities have significantly positive effects. Variable determination of ability for variable performance is significantly positive. Work environment variable decisions on variable performance are significantly positive. The variables this determine work communication at variable performance do not significantly positive. Variable determination of variable performance motivation is significantly positive. All variables are determined to be significant except the Communication variable. We encourage you to communicate for employees needs to be improved so that work performance can be achieved.</p> Fitri Astriani, Noviyanti, Chablullah Wibisono Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Industry 4.0 and its Implication on the Job Market: A Conceptual Review <p class="RiAbstractText">We are now entering the fourth wave of technological advancement known as Industry 4.0, which heralds the rise of new digital industrial technology, as modern technology evolves faster than ever before. Adopting technological advancements will undoubtedly result in significant productivity gains as processes become faster and more efficient, resulting in higher-quality products at lower costs This study aims to explore the challenges of Industry 4.0 as a disruptive innovation towards the job market. This exploration will include perspectives from industrial experts as well as academicians. Therefore, this study will utilize qualitative methods from secondary data to conduct a conceptual review from both conventional and Islamic perspectives. Based on the findings, it is clear that since the fourth industrial revolution involves digitization of industrial processes, there are some jobs which will be made obsolete, whilst on the other hand, new jobs are also created as a result of Industry 4.0 fundamentally requiring new skills. The study also identifies initiatives that have been done towards Industry 4.0 with focus on the job market and outlines potential areas for future research.</p> Liza Mariah Azahari, Fadzila Azni Ahmad , Nur Suryiani Ramlee Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Contribution of Fanaticism, Isthiqomah and Radicalism to Maslahah through the Management of Religious Conflict in the Riau Island <p>Radicalism in some societies can arise for many reasons. One of them is because of the need for more understanding of religion. This radicalism is the right target for people who aim to distort religious teachings or teach misguided religious ideas. People who are weak in performance are usually easily tempted by material inducements to do things that deviate from spiritual teachings. This study used Mix Method with Analysis Tool using AMOS version 24. Respondents and sample using the census method consisted of Members of the Riau Island Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB), totaling 135 Respondents. The results: The determination of the Ithiqomah on the Management of Religious Conflict is significantly positive, the Fanatics m resolution on the Management of Religious Conflict is highly positive, the Radicalism determination on the Management of Religious Conflict is very positive, the Management of Religious Conflict determination on Maslahah is a positive sign, the decision of the fanaticism on the Maslahah is positive important, the determination Radicalism on the Maslahah is positive but not significant, the determination isthiqomah on the Maslahah is positively influential. Square Multiple Correlation for Management of Religious Conflict =89.5%, Maslahah = 99.0%. It is suggested that there is no bias in understanding Radical and Radicalism. It is necessary to enlighten the people in the Riau Island Province. Fanatical is to hold strong, unwavering convictions in the face of evidence to the contrary, whether those convictions are positive or bad. Istiqomah is like having constancy, victory, courage, and glory in the conflict between obedience. When religious texts are understood superficially, they can birth to radical ideas and movements. Radicalism was used by national revolutionaries in the Western world to seize political power, as well as the flow used by anti-colonial nationalists and later used by social activists to achieve social goals.</p> Chablullah Wibisono, Jon Kenedi , Fitri Astriani Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Determination of Capabilities, Knowledge, and Skills for Superior Human Resources through Competence in Employees in the Port Area at Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands, Indonesia <p class="RiAbstractText">The community complains about the service at the sea passenger port in Tanjungbalai Karimun because it is considered unfriendly to passengers. This port is the only entrance to The Tanjung Balai Karimun Port and was built decades ago. One complaint is the surly service. The number of respondents in this study was 300. With the Slovin formula, 172 samples were obtained. The analysis tool used the AMOS software version 24. The following results were obtainedThe Capabilities' influence on the Competence metric is very indicative of a positive result. There is a strong positive correlation between the Determination and Knowledge to Competence variables. In this case, the Skills vs. Competence outcome is overwhelmingly favorable. Knowledge has a very favorable impact on the Superior Human Resources decision. In a highly encouraging turn of events, the Capabilities variable's determination of the Superior Human Resources variable was found to be true. Positive but unimportant result from applying The Skills variable to the Superior Human Resources variable. Competence has a highly favorable effect on the Superb Human Resources criterion. Competence on the job has a square correlation of 89.6%, whereas superior human resources has a correlation of 100.00%. The already-significant factors are being kept that way, while the determination of the Skills variable on the Superior Human Resources. One direct result of the diversity of abilities required of every organizer is the importance of encouraging "initiative." Able to use scientific principles to manipulate a wide range of objects. They can improve if they are honed and practiced to the point where their powers are increased to the point where they become experts or masters in one of the existing skill categories. Power is not about what one does but rather what one is capable of doing. Common government employees are needed solely for administrative duties.</p> Jon Kenedi, Chablullah Wibisono, Noviyanti Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Assessing Sources of Stress on the Mental Health of Volunteers <p class="RiAbstractText">The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a notable increase in the number of people engaging in volunteer work in society. Volunteering allows individuals to offer support and contribute to society amid the pandemic. Understanding the impact of volunteering on mental health and well-being is of utmost importance. Hence, this research paper aims to examine how perceived stressors affect the mental well-being of PPV volunteers. An online survey was distributed to PPV volunteers in Selangor, focusing on their experiences of stress, mental health, and symptoms of well-being during the initial months of volunteering in response to COVID-19. Both descriptive statistics and multiple regression analyses were carried out. The study involved 226 volunteers, with 58% being female and 42% male. Nearly half of the participants were 35 to 44 years (46.5%), and 65% came from non-academic backgrounds. Additionally, 60.6% were part-time non-clinical volunteers who completed the survey questionnaire. The regression analysis results reveal that workload, environment, and interactions with vaccine recipients significantly predict psychological distress, physical discomfort, and mental stress among volunteers during the ongoing pandemic. On the other hand, knowledge and skills are only significantly influenced by physical discomfort. These findings will aid policymakers and all stakeholders in implementing necessary measures to prevent mental health issues during future pandemics, guiding potential volunteering efforts in emergencies, and enhancing community volunteer programs.</p> Mohd Zulkifli Abdullah, Siti Noorsuriani Maon, Naliza Solat, Mas Anom Abdul Rashid Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Influence of Servicescape Toward the Customer Experience in Enhancing Tourist Revisit Intention <p>This study aims to analyze the impact of Servicescape on Customer Experience and Tourist Revisit Intention in trendy tourist destinations, utilizing a quantitative approach. The primary data for this study were collected from 160 respondents belonging to Generations Y and Z, who had visited various tourist destinations across multiple locations in Indonesia. The random sampling technique was employed to select the participants. The collected data were processed using SEM-PLS programs. The findings of this study reveal a positive and significant influence of Servicescape on Customer Experience. Additionally, Servicescape demonstrates a positive and significant effect on Tourist Revisit Intention, while Customer Experience also exhibits a positive and significant impact on Tourist Revisit Intention. Furthermore, Servicescape exhibits a positive and significant effect on Tourist Revisit Intention, mediated by Customer Experience. In conclusion, this study highlights that an enhanced level of Customer Experience positively influences Tourist Revisit Intention. Moreover, the higher the level of Customer Experience, the greater the increase in Tourist Revisit Intention.</p> Maria Francisca Lies Ambarwati, Idris Gautama So, Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro, Yosef Dedy Pradipto Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Impact Factors of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Singapore <p class="RiAbstractText">The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic led to a global recession, but China's OFDI remained on a steady rise, attracting global attention. By the end of 2020, Singapore was the second most developed country after the US in terms of receiving outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) flows from China. The investment cooperation between China and Singapore played an important role in promoting the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative and enhancing the economic cooperation between China and ASEAN after the COVID-19 pandemic. This study delves into the influencing factors of Chinese OFDI to Singapore: home country institutions, host country institutions, and investment motives. This study takes Singapore as the research object and uses the data of China’s OFDI to Singapore from 2001 to 2020 to conduct an empirical analysis through a modified regression model to analyze the development of China’s OFDI to Singapore, so as to make contributions to: (1) providing empirical evidence for studying OFDI from developing to developed countries; (2) providing reference for investment cooperation in the post COVID period between China and Singapore.</p> Xue Ye, Mohd Sobri Don Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Skid Resistance Value of Paving Hot Mix Asbuton with a Variation of Compacting Temperature <p class="RiAbstractText">Cold paving hot mix asbuton is a modified mixture of asbuton consisting of granular asbuton, aggregate, rejuvenating material, and additives mixed with hot and cold heat at 30°C. Asbuton cold paving hot mix asphalt is the latest modified asphalt from Asbuton, and it is necessary to do a cantabro test with the aim of the study being to determine the wear value on cold paving hot mix asphalt with variations in compaction temperature and immersion time. The study used variations in compaction temperature, namely 25°C, 50°C, 75 °C, and 100 °C, and variations in immersion time for 30 minutes, 24 hours, and 48 hours. The results of the optimum asphalt content obtained in the asphalt extraction test are 6,327%. The results of the wear value in a stable study for 500 revolutions were obtained at a solidification temperature of 100 °C, with results of 11,54% at a 30-minute soaking time, 14,93% at a 24-hour immersion time, and 13,63% at a 48-hour immersion time. The wear and tear has met the 2018 Bina Marga specification standard with a value requirement for wear, of 20%. Based on the results of tests carried out in the laboratory, it can be stated that in cold paving with hot mix asphalt, the compaction process should be carried out at a compaction temperature of 100 °C.</p> Alfian Saleh Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Measuring the Persuasive Influence of Talk Show on Social Media Users: Applying Heuristic-Systematic Model with SEM <p class="RiAbstractText">In today's digital age, talk shows have a substantial presence on multiscreen platforms. However, in studying their influence on the viewers, studies rarely investigated how they affect individuals' behavioral determinants, especially in addressing social issues. This present study aimed to fill this gap by exploring the persuasive influence of a talk show about social media usage on the viewers' attitude towards responsible use of social media based on the heuristic systematic information processing model. For this purpose, a video-embedded online questionnaire was used to collect relevant data from the heavy users’ segment of social media in Bangladesh (i.e., the university student social media users). SmartPLS 4.0 was used for partial least square structural equation modeling based on the data gathered from 226 voluntary respondents. The results show that exposure to the talk show does not directly associate with attitudes but with heuristic and systematic information processing modes that, in turn, influence attitude formation. In contrast, the systematic information processing mode predominates the formation of attitudes more than the heuristic mode. The findings have implications to add insights into creating awareness and developing prevention and educational interventions toward promoting responsible use of social media.</p> MD Shahzalal, Hamedi Mohd Adnan, Fadli Abdullah Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Exploring the Mobility of Older Adults in Urban Environments: A Proposal <p class="RiAbstractText">The issue of ageing is a global concern, and as urban areas develop, the proportion of citizens aged 60 and over increases. The percentage of Malaysians aged 65 and older increased from 6.5% in 2018 to 6.7% in 2019. In a decade, Malaysia is anticipated to attain the status of an ageing nation, with at least 15 percent of the population being 60 or older. By 2056, Malaysia will be a "super-aged society," as 20% of its population will be over the age of 65. In accordance with the 11th Malaysian Plan (2016–2020), Malaysia has launched the Smart City Initiative to prioritise the welfare of its 'rakyat' people. In addition, the government has unveiled the Intelligent Transport System Blueprint (2017–2022) to modernise the existing transport system. The global trend of an ageing population influences numerous aspects and facilities, including healthcare, financial services, urban planning, transportation, and religious centres. To improve the quality of life for the elderly, their residential environment must be modified. In terms of healthcare services and physical accessibility, elderly mobility presents difficulties. Consequently, the primary objective of this study is to investigate the factors that enable elderly people with smart mobility to access public spaces and transport facilities. To achieve these goals, the research design employs a qualitative approach. This study contributes to the development of smart cities and transport planning, which can support the sustainable mobility of the elderly in Malaysia, a nation confronting the challenges of an ageing population. In addition, the study will address the requirements of the elderly by incorporating the ageing population into national development plans and reevaluating existing planning alongside physical development zones. These initiatives are consistent with the National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to improve the quality of life for the elderly population.</p> Sri Fatiany Abdul Kader Jailani, Emi Normalina Omar, Noor’ain Mohamad Yunus, Siti Noorsuriani Maon, Naffisah Mohd Hassan Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Public Partnership and Performance of Smart Cities in Malaysia <p class="RiAbstractText">This study was conducted to explore the relationship between the public partnership with the performance of smart cities in Malaysia. About two hundred (200) respondents identified via LinkedIn and a link to the survey were shared via LinkedIn. About eighty-seven (87) responded to the survey. The questionnaires divided into two parts which are part A is on the respondent profiles, and part B is on government institutions (local level) (10 items), government agencies (14 items), and smart city performance (34 items). A reliability analysis was performed using the SPSS software, and the Cronbach’s Alpha scores for the three (3) variables are high with a score of more than 0.900. The results of the correlation analysis indicated that there are positive and significant relationships between GIL, GA, and SP. The relationship between GIL with SP is a weak correlation (r=0.290**; p=0.006), GA with SP is a moderate correlation (r=0.517**; p=0.000), and the relationship between GIL and GA is a strong relationship (r=0.695**; p=0.000). Hence, it can be assumed that the residents at smart city in Malaysia agreed that the government at the local level and government agencies have an influence on the performance of the smart city.</p> Khairul Azizan Suda, Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani, K. Sarojani Devi Krishnan, ibtessam Boubekeur Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Motivation in Holding a Virtual Music Concert: A Case Study on Local Musicians in the Maluku Region <p>Musicians are at the forefront of musical performances both offline and online, meaning that without musicians there will be no show that can be watched and human-generated music. This needs more serious attention because Ambon has become the World's City of Music. The efforts made by musicians in Ambon were very persistent even though they encountered many obstacles, starting from working on their own recordings, collaborating with their musician friends, and seeking their own information on how to make their work widely known outside the city of Ambon. During the pandemic, they were active in their work because the situation did not allow them to perform offline performances. They work aimlessly to make money through Youtube media, just to fill activities and vent their taste in music. The motivation that occurs is a motivation based on self-determination theory related to autonomy, competence, and connection or connection with other people. Musicians need alternative media that can accommodate their needs to display their expertise in music. Youtube has proven to be a place to "vent" the desire for music, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Youtube has even become a portfolio for them<em>.</em></p> Setyabudhi Rahardjo Situmorang, Julsfred Ngilawana , Rachmat Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 An Investigation of Business Intelligence Tools and their Effectiveness in Fraud Risk Management <p class="RiAbstractText">Despite the efforts and awareness raised by various government agencies, the number of fraud cases among telecommunications users continue to rise in Malaysia. Due to this, initiatives need to be taken to manage fraud risk and one of the popular means for doing so is by using business intelligence tools to be included here). Hence, it is deemed necessary to investigate whether business intelligence tools (BIT) are effective in managing fraud risk, that is, from the perceptions of telecommunications users. In the present study, about 500 respondents were used as the sample; however, only about 55 respondents participated in the study. The findings of reliability analysis show that all of the items for the independent and dependent variables were reliable and used for further analysis in the study. The findings show that most of the telecommunications users perceived that there was a relationship between business intelligence tools and effective fraud risk management (EFRM). In other words, business intelligence tools play an important and effective role in fraud risk management. This has implications to the management of organizations to adopt business intelligence tools to manage fraud risks that occur in their organizations.</p> K.Sarojini Devi Krishnan, Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani, Khairul Azizan Suda, Fatimazahra Chahhoub Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Disruption of Aid Distribution to Flood Victims During Flood Disasters in Malaysia <p class="RiAbstractText">This study examines factors that disrupted humanitarian aid in response to the flood disaster crisis in Malaysia. These factors if not identified and addressed will hinder aid support from stakeholders at large, especially the non-governmental organizations. This paper describes the two factors to have significantly disrupted the operation, which were uncoordinated information and collaboration deficiency. Using cross-sectional survey data collected from a sample of 153 NGO members, this study performed multivariate analysis in the theoretical model to test these factors. Results indicated that collaboration deficiency is the key factor that disrupted the aid distribution process. Findings from this study proposed a sound framework to improve humanitarian aid distribution thus to improve the quality and management of humanitarian supply chain to flood victims managed by NGOs during a crisis. In addition, for practitioners, this paper can help in improving the quality and management of humanitarian supply chain to flood victims managed by NGOs during flood disasters. The novelty of this study is achieved when the study successfully identifies the impact of uncoordinated information and collaboration deficiency that makes disruption of aid distribution during flood disaster.</p> Mastura Mohd Noor, Zarina Abdul Munir, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram, Norfadzillah Abdul Razak, Azmi Mat Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Knowledge Management Strategies and Green Innovation Practices: Empirical Evidence from the Malaysian Public Sector <p>This research study aimed to investigate the impact of knowledge management strategies, specifically knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, and knowledge application, on green innovation practices. Knowledge management strategies encompass processes within organizations that involve the development and dissemination of knowledge to enhance business performance. Harnessing knowledge is crucial not only for competitiveness but also for fostering innovation in support of sustainability. Green innovation practices have garnered attention from scholars and policymakers due to their ability to address environmental concerns. Furthermore, organizations increasingly recognize the importance of green practices, prompting globally competitive entities to continuously enhance their competencies to mitigate environmental degradation and improve overall organizational performance. Therefore, this study identified knowledge management strategies as variables that can support green innovation practices. To conduct the study, a quantitative research approach was adopted, and data collection utilized a closed-ended questionnaire adapted from a prior study. The questionnaire was distributed among employees in the public sector within the Klang Valley region of Malaysia. Purposive sampling was employed to select participants, resulting in the successful collection and analysis of 256 data sets. Descriptive and inferential statistics were performed using SPSS software. The findings indicate that knowledge management strategies, encompassing knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, and knowledge application, positively and significantly influence green innovation practices. Among these factors, knowledge sharing was found to have the most substantial impact on green innovation practices. These results confirm the importance of knowledge management practices for organizations seeking success in green innovation practices. Therefore, it is recommended that organizations support knowledge management activities to enhance the adoption of green innovation practices.</p> Ramita Abdul Rahim, Mohd Hanafi Azman Ong, Liyana Nafisah Abdul Wahab, Nosheen Anwar Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Mobile Learning in Medical Coding Course <p class="RiAbstractText">Medical coding comprises the assignment of appropriate ICD-10 codes to patient diagnoses through coding exercises. However, due to their lack of knowledge, students often commit coding errors, resulting in incorrect code assignments. The purpose of developing Medical Coding Simulation (MedCoS) is therefore to help students improve their motor and technical skills in challenging environments. This research aims to predict how likely students are to use MedCoS by analysing their attitudes (AT), subjective norms (SN), and perceived behavioural control (PBC). In order to achieve this objective, descriptive, reliability, and multiple regression analyses were conducted using SPSS. The study involves students from the fifth and sixth semesters who took both courses. The majority of respondents (90.2%, n = 102) were between the ages of 23 and 24. The findings suggest that the attitudes and perceived behavioral control of students can predict their intend to use MedCoS. This significant result enables MedCoS to plan the next phase of application development in order to effectively enhance course performance.</p> Nor Intan Shamimi Abdul Aziz, Dilla Syadia Ab Latiff , Siti Noorsuriani Maon , Annurizal Anuar Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Trust Mediates the Effect of Zakat Knowledge, Income Level on the Motivation of Oil Palm Farmers in Paying Zakat on Agricultural Products: A Case Study on Farmers in Bengkalis-Riau <p>The study aims to find out trust mediates the effect of zakat knowledge on the metivation of oil palm farmers in paying zakat on agricultural products (A Case Study of Farmers in Bengkalis-Riau). This study utilized the Structure Equation Model (SEM) Smart Pls by analizing facts. This study used primary data compiled by using questionnaires with Slovin sampling method as many as 99. The Respondents in this study were the oil palm farmers in Bengkalis. Some interesting findings were revealed from this study. For instance, zakat knowledge has significant effect on the motivation to pay zakat, trust has significant effect on the motivation to pay zakat, trust mediates zakat knowledge and income level has significant effect on the motivation to pay zakat.</p> Arie Yusnelly, Rahayati Ahmad , Nor Zuhairatun Md Radzi Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Influence of Work Discipline, Motivation and Compensation on Employee Performance through Competence at Health Centers Batam City, Riau Island, Indonesia <p>The challenges faced by Health Centers in Batam City include Work Discipline, Problems with Motivation, Problems with Compensation, Problems with Competence, and Problems with Employee Performance. Based on this problem, it is necessary to conduct research entitled "The Influence of Work Discipline, Motivation and Compensation on Employee Performance Through Competence at Health Centers Batam City”. The models used are Structural Equation Model (SEM). In this research, the number of respondents who received was 127 respondents. This study’s sample was taken from a population of 186 respondents (Formula Solvin). The research results obtained the following results: Determination of variable Work Discipline to variable Competence positive significant. Determination variable Motivation to variable Competence positive significant. Determination variable Compensation to variable Competence positive significant. Determination variable Competence to variable Employee Performance positive significant. Determination variable Work Discipline to variable Employee Performance positive significant. Determination variable Motivation to variable Employee Performance positive significant. Determination variable Compensation to variable Employee Performance positive no significant. Square Multiple Correlation to Competence = 88,2% to Employee Performance = 98,9%. All variables are determined to be significant except for the Compensation variable. it is suggested that employee compensation needs to be increased so that the performance of Health Center employees increases.</p> Noviyanti Yanti, Fitri Astriani, Chablullah Wibisono Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 02 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Exposing the Psychosocial Safety Climate's Effect on the Education Industry: Perspectives from Youth Academicians <p class="RiAbstractText">This paper's major objective is to examine young academics' perspectives. We also want to look at how academicians experience about their jobs and how engaged they are at work, as well as how the psychological safety climate plays a part in reducing the negative consequences of job demands in Malaysia's education sector. The results of the current research on the impact of the psychological safety climate on the JD-R model are contradictory. In the JD-R model, the idea of the psychosocial safety climate is also one that is relatively fresh. The participants for this study were chosen using a purposive sampling technique. The results show that using the psychosocial safety climate the idea has the potential to lessen the negative consequences of job demands, encourage work engagement, and improve job satisfaction.</p> Kia Hui Gan, Daisy Mui Hung Kee Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Influence of Cross culture on Translation: Terminology Translation from Thai to Lao, English, and Chinese Cultural Uniqueness <p>The present study investigated the influences of cross culture on translation among languages used by native speakers with different cultures. Three research methods as focus group, bi-directional translation, and questionnaire evaluation methods were employed. The focus group method consisted of two groups of participants as ten representatives of ethnic community in the research area. Bi-directional translation was conducted. Questionnaire evaluation was employed in two groups of participants as nine translators, who are native speakers of Lao, English, and Chinese Languages. The results revealed that translation difficulties.</p> Panornuang Sudasna Na Ayudhya Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Does Fiscal Decentralization Influence Public Finance Debt? A Panel Regression Analysis of the OECD Countries <p class="RiAbstractText">Fiscal decentralization has recently gained popularity throughout the world. This study examines how revenue decentralization influences subnational budgetary balances and how it affects the general government debt in the OECD countries. We applied panel regression analysis to an annual panel dataset that includes data from 23 countries from 1990 to 2020. Then, we explore the relationship between fiscal/revenue autonomy and public finance debt thus budgetary balances at the SNG level. Our empirical findings suggest that higher levels of SNG budget discipline are associated with greater revenue autonomy. The findings also suggest that general governments should consider delegating greater fiscal autonomy to SNGs to achieve better fiscal outcomes, including lower levels of general government public debt. This information could be useful for policymakers who are looking to implement sustainable fiscal stewardship.</p> Mohammed Ibrahim Gariba, Romana Provazníková Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Assessing The Relationship Between Stressors and Mental Health Among PPV Volunteers: Religiosity as a Coping Strategy <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a significant change in the way we perceive things around us, live our lives, and expect the future to be. Although we have gone through the worst event of our lives, some of us are still having difficulties continuing our daily routines. Working closely with vaccine recipients exposed them to excessive danger since they were unaware of the recipients’ health status. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the role of religiosity in moderating the effect of the stressors, comprising workload &amp; environment, organizer &amp; colleagues, dealing with recipients and knowledge &amp; skills, on mental health among volunteers that comprise psychological distress, physical illness, and mental illness. A total of 226 volunteers from 10 PPVs were selected using a convenience sampling technique. Each of them was given a 21-item questionnaire to be filled out via the WhatsApp application. The items in the questionnaire were adopted from past research. The findings show that workload &amp; environment and dealing with recipients are the significant stressors that lead to psychological distress. Furthermore, religiosity is found to moderate the effect of dealing with recipients on psychological distress. Regarding physical illness, workload &amp; environment, dealing with recipients and knowledge &amp; skills are the significant stressors that influence physical illness. In this relationship, religiosity does not act as a significant moderator. Regarding mental illness, workload &amp; environment and dealing with recipients are found to be the significant stressors that contribute to mental illness. However, when religiosity was tested as a moderator, it was discovered that religiosity influences the relationship between knowledge &amp; skills and mental illness. The findings confirm the significant role of religion as a coping strategy to address the influence of certain stressors on mental health.</p> Mohd Zulkifli Abdullah, Abdul Kadir Othman, Mas Anom Abdul Rashid , Annurizal Anuar Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 The Role of Tax Officer on MSME Taxpayer Compliance: Case Study Indonesia <p class="RiAbstractText">Tax reformation in Indonesia has been started since 1983. The reformation of the tax administration system which includes organizational, human resource, and business process improvements as well as tax regulations. The use of digitalization is help to improve business processes, but for some MSME actors, complicate the process of fulfilling tax obligations. In order to provide The Indonesian Tax Authority with tax regulations relating to MSME actors, this study intends to evaluate the function of the behavioral theory of tax compliance of MSMEs in Indonesia. This study uses a qualitative method and the result was confirmed with in-depth interviews with SMEs actor, related institutions, and tax officers. The research data were obtained from 50 participants in Cirebon and Purwokerto districts. Based on the behavioral theories, the results show that support from tax officers encourages SME tax compliance in Cirebon and Purwokerto districts, Indonesia.</p> Titin Fachriah Nur, Fitria Arianty, Marsdenia, Rahmi Setiawati, Elsie Silviana Kasim Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Present and Future Digital Technology Use in Ecotourism: Understanding Tourists’ Acceptance <p class="RiAbstractText">Digital technology has the potential to enhance the tourist experience, particularly in the context of ecotourism. This study aims to investigate tourists' acceptance of digital technology for ecotourism activities using the technology acceptance model (TAM) and to assess their future usage intentions. The motivation behind this research stems from the increasing interest of tourists in eco-friendly nature experiences, the rise of movements focused on enjoying the natural environment, and advancements in technology for the tourism industry. A survey methodology was employed, and the data were analyzed using Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM). The findings indicate that perceived ease of use and perceived value significantly predict tourists' attitude toward digital technology. Moreover, attitude plays a significant role in influencing the behavioral use of digital technology. Additionally, both perceived value and behavioral use are significant factors in explaining tourists expected future use of digital technology. Furthermore, the assessment of future technology use reveals the top five choices of ecotourists, namely location-based services, wireless and mobile technology, destination management systems, climate information management, and intelligent transport systems. Thus, this study concludes that digital technology has a profound impact on the ecotourism industry and has the potential to foster enduring connections between humans and nature.</p> Erne Suzila Kassim, Ramita Abdul Rahim, Noor Azzah Said, Sri Fatiany Abdul Kader Jailani, Hanitahaiza Hairuddin, Rosintansafinas Munir , Zulkiflee Abd Latif Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400 Analysis Decisions of Investment, Dividend and Capital Structure: Case Study of Indonesian Stock <p>The objective of this research is to investigate the potential association among the LQ-45 Companies during the period from 2015 to 2019. This will be achieved by analyzing Financial Ratios, represented by investment, dividends, and capital structure, as variabels Y and X, resulting in three equations. The selection of samples will be conducted through purposive sampling while also considering outliers. The study comprised multiple samples that met the criteria, and an observation was conducted over a five-year period from 2015 to 2019 on the LQ-45 Companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The research utilizes Two Stages Least Square analysis for hypothesis testing. The findings indicate a noteworthy inverse correlation between investment and dividends. However, no significant impact was observed between dividends and capital structure, as well as between capital structure and investment. The authors aim to examine the extent to which the interrelationship among investment, dividend, and capital structure decisions affects the company in the subsequent period through this study.</p> Raja Ria Yusnita, Asdelina Ritonga, Ardian Lilis K, Dwica Hanifa Rizal Copyright (c) 2023 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 23 Jul 2023 00:00:00 -0400