Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences <p>Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences provides a versatile tool tailored to your conference publishing requirements. Publishing your proceedings on Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is very affordable and accessible by the readership is open without registration or charge. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is run by the Connecting Asia Research Network for the scientific community. Moreover, the online publication process is fast thanks to the software system that runs the entire editorial procedure. Conference organizers are thus provided with a very convenient, web-based tool for running the publication of the proceedings.</p> en-US (Sobia Irum) (Nohman Khan) Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:49:21 -0400 OJS 60 The Roles of Self-Efficacy and Domain Knowledge on Users Behavioral Intention to use Online Distance Learning <p class="RiAbstractText">Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has shifted the educational landscape for the past year. Face-to-face interaction has become a distant memory. It signals the emergence of digital landscape with the dependency on online distance learning (ODL) application such as Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Team. The dependencies on this software raise the issue of the willingness and user behavioral intention to use such application. Therefore, this study investigated the roles of self-efficacy and domain knowledge on the user behavioral intention to use ODL. A quantitative research methodology was adopted; instrument was adopted from previous study before following rigorous testing, pretest, pilot study, and actual data collection. The findings were then analyze based on relationship or inferentil and descriptive analysis.</p> Mohamad Rahimi Mohamad Rosman, Izzatil Husna Arshad, Mohamad Sayuti Md Saleh, Nurulannisa Abdullah, Faizal Haini Fadzil, Mohd Zafian Mohd Zawawi Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:37:04 -0400 The Role of Motivation in English Language Learning: A Qualitative Study <p class="RiAbstractText">Numerous studies have found a <span class="fontstyle01">positive connection between learners’ motivation towards foreign language and foreign language achievement.</span> Drawn upon semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions among students, this study sheds light on the significant impact of motivation in English language learning. Further, this study explores the lived experiences of students and the factors influencing their motivation in learning the English Language. Purposeful sampling was to select participants in the different courses of Quirino State University, Cabarroguis Campus, Philippines. The results revealed that the teacher's influence, enjoyment in learning, desire to learn, parental influence, and classroom environment were the factors influencing students' motivation in learning the English Language. Thus, this study suggests that teachers should be aware of these factors of inspiration in their classrooms and consider these as significant parts in developing an English Language Intervention Program to motivate the students and improve their proficiency in learning the English Language.</p> Roselle M. Soriano, Christian N. Escario , Pilipina B. Cagurangan , Annalene Grace E. Co , Chleo G. Pascual , Abigail May E. Ambonon , Naomi A. Hagi Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:38:07 -0400 Developing a Conceptual Model of Implementation of Business Functions Integration in the Internal Business Process Performance <p class="RiAbstractText">The research used in assessing the performance of internal business processes in this study uses strategic management theory and operations management through the Resource-Based View approach, Market-Based View aspects and Organization Culture. The Banking Industry has to think about the business processes and workflows to empower employees and what they need to do to stay competitive in the face of rapidly changing competition. The method used in this research is a Literature Review with a descriptive approach that will produce a conceptual model. The resulting conceptual model development was adopted from DeLone and McLean's Model about the success of the Information System which was combined with the input variables studied to produce an implementation model for the integration of business functions to improve the performance of internal business processes.</p> Erwin Yulianto, Iman Sudirman, Sutarman, Awan Setiawan, Ruhanda Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:38:55 -0400 Strategy for the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Academic Information Systems in College in Efforts to Improve Information Quality <p class="RiAbstractText">Information systems research success has begun to decline in the past few years, but existing research is still inaccurate in its definition and in the factors that involve the information system success. This research has designed to analyze, study, and find out the performance from implementing academic information systems in universities in an effort to improve the quality of information. The research was conducted using a qualitative approach and case studies, namely problem formulation, study proposition, analysis unit, data linkage to the proposition, the criteria for interpreting the findings and making conclusions and recommendations. From the results of the research data analysis, several conclusions were obtained, namely, the academic information system running in universities has not met expectations. The performance of academic information systems that can support the smooth operation of the universities is not well understood. It is necessary to formulate an optimal academic information system strengthening strategy that can support the smooth operation of the universities.</p> Awan Setiawan, Iman Sudirman , Nurman Helmi , Erwin Yulianto , Ruhanda Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:39:50 -0400 Towards the Sustainable Teaching Quality Through School Culture and Teachers' Commitment using PLS-SEM Approach <p class="RiAbstractText">Sustainable teachers' commitment is vital to the success of the teaching process. Therefore, highlighting school culture will increase our understanding of how it affects the sustainability of teacher commitment. This paper examines the influence of school culture on teachers' sustainable organizational commitment. A quantitative approach was adopted to distribute the questionnaires. Data have been collected from (n=382) teachers who were randomly chosen as respondents of this study using a self-distributed questionnaire. PLS_SEM was the principal statistical approach suited to examine the hypotheses of the research. The results exposed that school culture positively affects sustainable teachers' commitment and significantly correlated. Therefore, the results offer valuable visions for pedagogical policy-makers on how school culture can clearly redound to sustainable teachers' commitment. This research is unique in that contributes to providing knowledge and literature about school culture and its contribution to the educational context.</p> Abd Rahman Ahmad, Mohammed Saied Mohrez Alzoraiki Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:40:31 -0400 Credit-worthiness Prediction in Energy-Saving Finance using Machine Learning Model <p class="RiAbstractText">Companies can form their own "ESCO model" with their capitals. New opportunities that Energy Saving Company (ESCO) can do was to offer PSS business model in the form of Energy Saving Agreement (ESA) or Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), which was known as "saving back arrangement financing." ESCO contracts could free business owners from new upfront investment. Unfortunately, customer's creditworthiness was becoming more crucial for ESCO. Machine learning was used to predict the creditworthiness of clients in ESCO financing processes. This research aimed to develop a scoring model to leverage a machine learning and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) to evaluate alternative financing for Energy Saving in Indonesia. Research from the case studies leads to a clearer understanding of the factors that affect all parties' decisions to implement and continue with their ESCO project. Both considerations, technology, and administration emerge from this case study which greatly influenced the participants to adopt the decision and continue with the ESCO project. In contrast, both parties agreed to solve the credit risk constraints on the project. This study indicates that administration influences were more significant than the technological factor in shaping their decisions.</p> Eka Sudarmaji, Noer Azam Achsani, Yandra Arkeman, Idqan Fahmi Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:41:08 -0400 Decomposition Factors Household Energy Subsidy Consumption in Indonesia: Kaya Identity and LMDI Approach <p class="RiAbstractText">For decades, the subsidy had prompted excessive and wasteful while offering little motivation to boost energy efficiency or reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions. This paper aimed to measure household subsidy energy by examining the relationship between the other ten variables. The Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) and decomposition index were deployed to recognize the determinant effects that drive household's subsidy energy consumption. This study also presented an ARDL model applied. The robustness of the Granger Causality, Long-run, and Short-run causality during 1990-2017 was assessed. Based on LMDI, we found out that Population, Income Per Capita, Ratio National Renewal Energy over Fuel Fossil, Gross Capital Stock, Urban Household Consumption, and Ratio Household Subsidy were the positive factors that aggravate the change in household energy subsidy. The negative sign of Ratio National Energy Intensity effect, Ratio Fossil Renewal Energy effect, Ratio Capital Labour substitution, and Ratio Household over Labour Force signified the decreasing significance of less household energy subsidy. On the panel ARD-ECM, we identified a negative sign speed-of-adjustment and significant at 1%. It implied that all the ten variable effects were converging in the long run after an experience shocks. The equation parameters were considered stable since the CUSUM gets inside the two critical lines. Additional RESET test of the stability to ascertain whether the estimated model was linear or correctly specified has been performed.</p> Eka Sudarmaji, Noer Azam Achsani, Yandra Arkeman, Idqan Fahmi Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:41:43 -0400 Practising Online Approach via Skype Activities to Develop Speaking Skills among Malaysian Undergraduates <p class="RiAbstractText">Speaking skill pedagogy has always remained as a huge enigma for English as a Second Language (ESL) educators. Despite the challenge, the need to master the skills prevail in academia. The undergraduates especially those from the technical division seem to grapple with the ability to perform well in their studies and market products upon employment due to the inability to communicate well in English. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms available for ESL learners to improve their speaking proficiency. Thus, this paper intended to study the effectiveness of using Skype activities via online approach to help students enhance their confidence in speaking in English. Reflective journals were collected from 100 undergraduates who enrolled in an English course in a public university. Besides, 10 undergraduates were randomly selected to participate in a semi-structured interview. Thematic analysis was conducted using Transana software where four main themes emerged: account possession; familiarity; challenges; and features. It was found that many participants were aware of Skype but did not have the account prior to the study. Majority of the participants admitted that Skype activities helped them to converse better which enhanced their motivation to speak in English more confidently and fluently.</p> Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan, Iqbal Ahmad Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:42:19 -0400 Exploring the Determinants of Malaysia’s Biomass Industry Performance: A Systematic Review <p>Malaysia's biomass industry has a great potential to contribute to the national circular economy that offers a new stream of wealth creation to the nation. Nevertheless, there appears to be a scarcity of research that dwells into the organizational performance in the biomass industry. Therefore, the present study examined the impact of organizational culture, innovation resources, and human resources on organizational performance. The pivotal contribution of this study is to highlight how these factors/resources influence organizational performance. This study delves into organizational performance in the biomass industry through dynamic capabilities theory and resource-based view (RBV) theory.</p> Heng Wei Lee, Ming Fang Teoh, Noor Hazlina Ahmad Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:42:55 -0400 The Challenges in Tracing and Minimizing the Domestic Violence Cases During COVID-19: A Comparative Study of the Maldives, Malaysia and Pakistan <p>Family violence is a worldwide endemic since long even before the Coronavirus epidemic and the greatest human rights violation as per the United Nations. The vulnerability with worldwide pandemic has worsened the issue when States implemented lockdown policies caused a significant increase in domestic violence cases. The exceptional increase in domestic violence cases during Covid-19 mark an urgent call of action from the States. This study aims to examine the reasons for the increasing number of cases and the methods taken by the stakeholder in handling this issue through tracing and minimize the impact and thereafter to resolve the issue in South Asian and Fareast countries i.e. the Maldives, Pakistan and Malaysia. This paper adopts the qualitative research method in collecting data. The available data evidently specify an alarming flow in family violence cases during Covid-19. This study confirmed that the state interventions to deal with the social problem are inadequate. Growing unemployment and financial stress, increased anxiety and poor state resources have set a provoking family violence emergency. Furthermore, States faces serious challenges to tackle such issue due to lack of coordination among public departments and stakeholders. This study will recommend that strong policy initiatives are essential to address such issue when victims of violence are in quarantine.</p> Hanna Ambaras Khan, Khadeejah Rasheed, Ghulam Dastagir, Masooma Faroq, Naima Saeed Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:43:30 -0400 An Effective Model for Fraud Risk Management in Mitigating Telecommunication Fraud Incidences <p>In the context of Malaysia, the most common types of cyber attacks are denial of service, intrusion attempts, spam, vulnerability report, fraud, malicious code, and content-related attacks as reported by Cyber Security Malaysia. However, since 2011,&nbsp; cyber attacks such as intrusion attempts, denial of service and spam are decreasing steadily as a result of security measures that have been taken by companies or internet users. Nevertheless,&nbsp; cyber attacks which are steadily increasing are cyber harassment, intrusion and fraud. Approximately 5,328 fraud incidences were reported in 2011 while in 2020, the number of cases rose to 7,593 cases. Out of these cyber attacks in Malaysia, the most proliferating ones have been identified as fraud incidences. Thus, it is highly needed to come up with and propose the best fraud risk management strategy to handle fraud incidences among internet users and internet providers through the utilization of business intelligence tools, and quality enhancement via quality systems in place, quality information, and quality users. With these tools in hand, it is hoped that the proposed model will serve as a framework to mitigate and/or prevent the occurrence of fraud incidences.</p> Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani, K. Sarojani Krishnan, Khairul Azizan Suda, Chahhoub Fatimazahra Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:44:01 -0400 The Effects of Contradictory in Land Use and Land Policy to Land Revenue in the District of Petaling: A Preliminary Study <p>The terms ‘planning permission’ and ‘land use’ are of no anomalous amongst policy makers in the field of land administration and town planning. However, due to different policy jurisdictions, contradicting land uses are bound to arise and may affect land revenue. For the purpose of preliminary study, two surveys were conducted targeting two groups, 500 respondents amongst the public and 468 amongst policy makers in Selangor. Two different set of questionnaires in the form of Google Form were distributed within the course of two months via e-mail and ‘Whatsapp’ mobile application. The study is to test the level of awareness amongst the general public, and to test the level of awareness and readiness of policy makers as executors. It is later found that an average of 65% of all respondents are unaware of the policies in relations to land use. Alas, it is recommended that an in-depth study to be conducted to increase public awareness on top of equipping policy makers with sufficient knowledge in maximizing the use of Temporary Planning Permission in matters of land administration and town planning, thus improving land revenue collections.&nbsp;</p> Liyana Zainudin, Zaharah Mohd Yusoff , Saiful Aman Sulaiman , Jaiya Abu Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:44:32 -0400 The Internal Environment and Basic Requirement Policy on the Performance of Retirement Homes <p>This study aims to examine the relationships between the internal environment (IERH), basic requirement policy (PRRH), and the performance of retirement homes (PRH). 205 out of 400 questionnaires returned and used for the study. The three variables under study were IERH (8 items), the PRRH (6 items), and PRH (8 items). Reliability analysis was run and all three variables showed high Cronbach Alpha values ranging from 0.83 to 0.87 thus indicating high reliability.&nbsp; The findings of the Pearson Correlation analysis suggested that the relationship between IERH and PRH is r=0.80**; p=0.00, while the relationship between the PRRH and PRH is r=0.63**; p=0.00. The findings suggested that there was a positive and significant relationship between PRH with IERH and PRRH. IERH had a strong positive relationship with the PRH. In terms of the relationship between IERH and PRRH, there was a positive and a moderate relationship (r=0.54**; p=0.00). Hence, in order to promote good performance, a RH must ensure that the IERH either meets or exceeds the expectations of the tenants and fulfils the basic requirements of PRRH.</p> K. Sarojani Krishnan, Nazatul Shima Abdul Rani Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:45:16 -0400 Income Tax Installment Incentive Article 25 "Not Attractive for Entrepreneurs?" <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decline in economic growth and tax receipts. To overcome this, the government has implemented a policy by provided provision of tax installment incentives on pph article 25. However, the absorption incentive is not in line with the government's expectations. This study analyzes the factors that cause the low absorption of tax installment incentives article 25. This research is qualitative study with an interpretive paradigm with phenomenological method. The research data comes from literature review, news and survey results of business people and the general public as taxpayers. The research find there are several factors that cause the utilization of the article 25 income tax incentive did not reach the target, namely: Economic conditions are still weak, level of beneficiary taxpayers is still low, socialization by the government has not been maximized, incentive schemes are not suitable for business sectors, slowness of the rules or guidelines for the implementation of the policies at the beginning of the insetif enforcement period, policies have not been driven by ease of processing requirements, lack of public understanding of the incentive delivery mechanism, time span is too close between the issuance of policies and the enactment of policies.</p> Hanifa Zulhaimi, Ida Farida Adi Prawira Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:45:44 -0400 Students' Perception of Written Corrective Feedback: A Case Study of Pre-University ESL Learners in the Maldives <p class="RiAbstractText"><span lang="EN-US">In language teaching pedagogy, feedback is crucial for English as a Second Language (ESL) students to achieve the target language competency they desire. According to literature, effective feedback can only be given when educators understand the way individual students perceive the feedback that they are given. Unfortunately, there are very few published studies on the Maldivian students’ perception of feedback till date. Therefore, to understand pre-university students’ perception of feedback, this qualitative case study used data through focus group discussions and stimulated recall sessions from a sample of six students. The findings indicated that the students from the selected institute felt encouraged as well as appreciated when the lecturers gave feedback. Moreover, they felt apprehensiveness when the lecturers failed to provide enough feedback, or any at all. This indicated that the students highly regarded the importance of feedback. Therefore, it is advisable for educators to consider how students perceive the written corrective feedback provided for them so that it may result in successful uptake.</span></p> Khadheeja Mohamed Sameer, Dheeba Moosa Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:46:29 -0400 A Preliminary Study of Succession Planning on the Career Development: The UTMSPACE Academic-Corporate Organisation Perspective <p>Academic corporate university as a hybrid organisations must have particular abilities to achieve tangible positive financial outcomes within and beyond the organisation.&nbsp; To reflect the empowerment of the oragnisation as a knowledge-based economic growth provider, this article aims to explore the succession planning programme in both academic-oriented organisations and business-oriented organisations. The study compares and contrast the literatures, based on three themes, impact to individual, impact to organisation and succession planning approach or practice. The finding showed that succession planning improves employee attitude, skills and relationship with the leader in both academic and business-oriented organisations. It also helps company to build understanding with the employees, fulfil organisation needs, save cost and meet its objectives. Succession planning is implemented through leadership, mentorship, skills development and training programmes in the organisation. This article contributes to our understanding of implementation of succession planning at the hybrid organisation (academic-corporate university) as the competitive educational indicator to practices and strategies created by organisations.</p> Noorhasyimah Ismail, Siti Munira Jamil, Norazlina Mohd Yasin, Mohd Zaini Azizan, Anwar Ibrahim, Norizan Abu Bakar, Hanisah Abdul Rahman Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:47:01 -0400 The Importance of Anthropometric Research to the Malaysian Population: A Systematic Review <p>The importance of anthropometric research cannot be denied. Anthropometric research is defined as research related to human body measurements. This research is extensively conducted in many fields, such as product design, apparel manufacturing, health and medical care, and forensic research. This paper aims to review the existing articles on the importance of anthropometric research to the Malaysian population and determine how the related research can be further explored. This paper used PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses) to retrieve the articles through its identification, screening and eligibility processes. The search for articles related to PRISMA resulted in 15 articles identified through Scopus and Web of Science databases. Articles were grouped based on themes using thematic analysis. The themes were created based on seven perceived benefits of anthropometric research: easy to use, fit, well-being, welfare, safety, work efficiency, and identity verification. Finally, at the end of this paper, several conclusions concerning the importance of anthropometric research for the reference of future scholars were presented.</p> Nurashikin Saaludin, Amna Saad, Cordelia Mason Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:47:32 -0400 Teaching Law to Non-Law Students: The Students Experience <p>Law is a must subject in many courses due to its importance. However, law is perceived as a difficult subject and consume a lot of time. This subject needs to be taught in a manner acceptable to the students to attract attention and interest. During Covid-19 pandemic, all learning activities are conducted through online platform. The lecturer need to have good teaching plan in ensuring the students are able to learn and enjoy law subject. In School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Business Law (MGM 3352) is one of the law subjects offered to the students. Literature shows that non-law students are having difficulty to learn law. This paper aim to study further on this issue. The objective of this paper are to learn about the business students’ experience of learning law and to study the effectiveness of the method adopted in teaching the subject. This paper adopts qualitative method in collecting data where 3 surveys and 2 short interviews were conducted.&nbsp; From the findings, the students admitted that law subject is difficult but they like the subject and the students agreed the activities are appropriate and have assisted the in learning and understand the subject<em>. </em></p> Hanna Ambaras Khan Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sat, 12 Jun 2021 01:00:31 -0400 The Foreign Language Students’ Readiness on Online Learning in Malaysia <p class="RiAbstractText"><span lang="EN-US">Since the COVID-19 outbreak had crossed the globe and wreaking havoc on people’s life and health, almost all educational institutions were closed down temporarily and online learning has replaced previously conducted conventional teaching and learning in the classroom. However, the main concern here is to what extent the students are ready for this drastic change in their learning endeavors. Therefore, this study seeks to examine the readiness levels of online learning among foreign language students in selected higher learning institutions in Malaysia. Based on the results, it is reported that most Foreign Language students in Malaysia were ready for online learning with the highest score in the “computer and Internet self-efficacy” dimension but demonstrated the lowest score in terms of the “learners' control” dimension. The results further indicated that the students were very confident in their ability to search and gather information for online learning using search engines like Google and Yahoo. On the contrary, this group of students opined that they had less control in managing their online learning class as they were easily distracted by other online activities like messaging, gaming, and browsing the Internet.</span></p> Mohd Hafizul Ismail, Nurashikin Saaludin, Siti Nur Dina Haji Mohd Ali, Ira Syazwani Zainal Abidin Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sat, 12 Jun 2021 01:09:36 -0400 A Survey on the Needs of Research on Developing Employability Skills Model for Special Education Needs Students with Learning Disabilities in Vocational Stream towards Meeting the Industry Needs <p>The unemployment issue among Special Education Needs Students with Learning Disabilities (SENSwLD) is getting worse in Malaysia. This study was conducted to identify the level of marketability SENSwLD who are Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Vokasional (SMPKV) leaver throughout Malaysia and to survey on a needs of developing the employability skills model of (SENSwLD) in vocational stream towards meeting the needs of the industry. The result show that the marketability of SENSwLD of SMPKV leaver is at a low level and they need the development of employability skills model for SENSwLD in vocational stream towards meeting the needs of industry.</p> Saslizawati Izam, Azman Hasan Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sat, 12 Jun 2021 02:53:38 -0400 Modelling Security Perception in the COVID-19 Era <p class="RiAbstractText"><span lang="EN-US">Security has been a central theme and axis on the public agenda of the countries. It is a phenomenon that the literature has approached from the perspective of the media and the perception of political and social actors, as well as public and private sectors around a common future of security, although new proposals refer to the observation of the asymmetries between the parties involved. </span></p> Cruz García Lirios Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Sun, 13 Jun 2021 12:04:11 -0400 Influence of Company Age, Profitability and Financial Leverage on Underpricing Shares in the Initial Public Offering 2019 on Indonesia Stock Exchange <p>Researchers want to analyze and obtain empirical evidence on the influence of age and financial ratios.&nbsp; The population included in this study was companies that IPO in IDX period 2019 totaling 54 companies. The data type used is secondary data with SPSS 24.0 applications. The results showed that the company's age, profitability, financial leverage significantly influenced the underpricing of shares in the IPO in IDX period 2019.</p> Mujennah, Nurul Hayati , Lydia G., Nor Baiti Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Mon, 14 Jun 2021 12:44:13 -0400 Effective i-360 Virtual Museum Tour: Guideline for Elements of Mise-en-Scene from Video Content <p class="RiAbstractText"><span lang="EN-US">The i360 Virtual Museum Tour was developed as a facilitator for Topic 5 Mise-en-Scene and Semiotic Elements in the module DVV3013 Film Studies at the Department of Design and Visual Communication, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Polytechnic, Perlis. In terms of location selection, costumes, makeup, lighting, and actor expression, these Mise-en-scene elements include the function of a scene in the film to explain something or give a dramatic effect to the audience. This application displays the Malaysian race through the Iconography element Mise-en-scene of the background, costumes, and props highlighted as part of the Malay sultanate concept before. It was developed using a 360 camera as well as 3D vista software for editing purposes. Exploring this museum involves four main aspects, namely information related to learning at the Kedah State Museum and the Kedah Royal Museum and the quiz elements as an assessment. Design Thinking Process (Empathies, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) is used as a methodology for design and development process. Thirty-five diploma students (51.4% men, 48.6% of women) responded to the questionnaire. Based on analysis data shown this application is beneficial to know and recognize the elements of Mise-en-Scene the higher-level percentage of 93.0%.</span></p> Mohammad Shahiran bin Salim, Siti Izani binti Idris Copyright (c) 2021 Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences Fri, 18 Jun 2021 07:38:26 -0400