Understanding the Roles of Learning Orientation and Subjective Norm on Entrepreneurial Intention: Empirical Evidences in Malaysia


Entrepreneurial Intention
Learning Orientation
Subjective Norm

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Saraih, U. N. (2019). Understanding the Roles of Learning Orientation and Subjective Norm on Entrepreneurial Intention: Empirical Evidences in Malaysia. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(2), 132-135. https://doi.org/10.31580/apss.v4i2.764


This study aims to investigate the roles of learning orientation and subjective norm on entrepreneurial intention among students from one of the public university in Malaysia. The data is obtained from 488 students from different schools in the institution. Both of hypotheses have been accepted based on the regression analyses result. Therefore, factors namely learning orientation and subjective norm are found to be positively related with entrepreneurial intention among students in this institution. In detail, entrepreneurial intention is significantly related to learning orientation implementation (r=.49, p=.00) as well as subjective norm (r=.63, p=.00). As a conclusion, the management needs to enforce a good implementation of learning orientation. At the same time, the management needs to cultivate the subjective norm level aomg students to increase the level of entrepreneurial intention



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