Challenges in Managing Maintenance Cost by Local Authorities in Malaysia


Maintenance management
local authorities

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Mong, S. G., Mohamed, S. F., & Misnan, M. S. (2019). Challenges in Managing Maintenance Cost by Local Authorities in Malaysia. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(2), 111-113.


Local authorities in Malaysia are facing enormous challenges in satisfying the needs of the public while providing the facilities for various stakeholders. Previous studies show numerous criticisms and complaints regarding the incapability of the local authorities in managing and maintaining the public facilities (Adnan et al., 2012). Several barriers affected the uncertainty of maintenance cost which results in the insufficient allocation of funds. The study identified several barriers impacting the maintenance cost encountered by the local authorities while maintaining the public facilities. The barriers are classified into six related issues which are building characteristics, maintenance processes, people, economical and cost, regulatory and others. Based on the findings, the building characteristics-related shows the highest severity index followed by maintenance process-related issues. The results demonstrates that the local authorities need to focus more on their maintenance management practices to resolve the problems through continuous improvement.


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