Reviewing Maluku's Local Culture through Multicultural Education Approaches


Maluku's Local Culture, Multicultural Education Approaches

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Acim, A., Situmorang, R., & Salenussa, B. J. (2019). Reviewing Maluku’s Local Culture through Multicultural Education Approaches. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(2), 99-101.


This study proposes the benefits and solutions of a multicultural approach to initiate studies of local culture in Maluku, in an effort to reinvest cultural values ​​that since their ancestors were painstakingly built, but are divided so that they have an impact on the declining behavior or behavior of the people as cultural owners. due to the influence or provocation carried out to disturb the peace and peace of the lives of the Moluccas, while changing the mindset and actions of Maluku people due to religious conflicts which are used as an excuse to live mutually hostile, mutually scapegoating religious differences as one reason to create a life that is not peaceful, not harmonious, not harmonious in society.


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