Military Equipment, Pahang Fighters, Pahang Revolt Events, 19 AD

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Ismail, A. S. (2019). MILITARY EQUIPMENT USED BY PAHANG FIGHTERS IN PAHANG UPRISING. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(2), 72-75.


The Pahang Uprising at the end of the 19th century AD featured various military innovation that proved the greatness of the Pahang Malay community. Pahang Malay fighters used the advantage of their khowledge of nature (the forest) in addition to modern military equipment. Hence, it is the intention of the researchers to examine and identify the military tools used during the Pahang uprising. This paper utilises the methodology of content analysis and literature review. Based on the examination, it was found that military tools such as sumpit and tree roots were used in Pahang uprising as well as modern weapons such as guns and explosive. All of these tools were fully utilised in the formulation of war strategy planned by the leader of the Pahang fighters in the uprising, Dato' Bahaman. This combination of war strategy and military innovation became the benchmark of the greatness of the Pahang Malay community in the late 19th century AD.


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