An effective promotion strategy for managers in Era Disruption


job promotion
job shadowing

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Rony, Z. T. (2019). An effective promotion strategy for managers in Era Disruption. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(2), 57-59.


The era of disruption requires companies to have creativity in managing human resources including having a job promotion strategy. Job promotion provides opportunities for employees to develop and have a higher career level. Job promotion provides an opportunity to get the best candidates, therefore the management of human resources seeks to sharpen the strategy of the promotion system based on the principles of justice, objectivity, and reliability. These activities can be observed and assessed so as to facilitate the promotion process. The researcher interviewed prospective managers, mentors, human resources managers, division heads, and directly to an observation on job shadowing activities while secondary data was obtained from human resources manager in the form of assignment values, prospective manager's performance from mentors, supplemented by data from direct supervisors.


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