Intelligent System for Elderly Health Promotion

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Chao-Fen Pan
Chien-Der Lin
Yun-Cheng Jhong


This study addresses the decline in mental and physical function among the elderly, leading to limitations in daily activities due to disability and dementia. The aim is to enable healthy and autonomous aging by developing an Intelligent System for Elderly Health Promotion. The system systematically promotes physical and mental health, aiming to enhance the quality of life for the elderly, delay disability or dementia, and achieve active aging. The research employs IoT sensors on rehabilitation devices, integrating gaming elements to make elderly activities more engaging. The system collects multi-directional data from sensors and games, conducting exercise analysis for preliminary staff suggestions. Reports are generated every 12 weeks for overall analysis, with weekly reports for individual participants utilizing statistical methods for initial insights. The comprehensive 12-week report provides detailed movement analysis, aiding staff and physical therapists in assessing effectiveness. Results indicate the Intelligent System Health Promotion effectively maintains and improves elderly exercise training. The number of participants has grown from six to over fifty in two months, with an increase in regular and correct exercise. Individual reports show improved operation of rehabilitation equipment and cognitive abilities, as evidenced by achieving target scores in the game. In discussion, the study introduces a technological solution for elderly health promotion, providing concrete benefits. However, the reports and recommendations are considered preliminary, requiring validation by professionals and multiple devices to assess elderly physical conditions accurately. The system is envisioned to support frontline staff with real-time information, aiding in quick decision-making to enhance the pleasure of elderly exercise, consistently improving quality of life and physical abilities. A positive impact on the future of elderly health promotion and technology applications is anticipated.

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9th ASIA Internatational Confernece 2023

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