Healthcare Leadership Competence during Covid-19 Crisis in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Archipelago


  • Tubel Agusven Department of Business Administration, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Helen Tan Sui Hong Department of Business Administration, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Kamarudeen Babatunde Bello Department of Business Administration, Modibbo Adama University, Yola, Nigeria



Leadership, Healthcare, Competence, Covid-19


The study was conducted at the height of the pandemic when Indonesia was facing a steep rise of Covid-19 infections and the nation was grappling with various constraints. The key focus of this inquiry is to identify the major challenges faced by the health workers who provided health services, especially in Tanjung Pinang, the capital city of the Riau Archipelago province during such unprecedented health crisis. Data was collected via an online survey posing open-ended questions. Seventy-one healthcare personnel from the Riau Archipelago hospitals and healthcare institutions responded. The data was analysed using content analysis technique. The key findings revealed that the top three major challenges faced by the healthcare personnel, and the healthcare systems in general are citizen compliance to rules and procedures enforced to curb the spread of Covid-19, limited PPE and contagious disease medical supplies, and hospital readiness in treating patients related to COVID-19 infection.  The findings also showed that healthcare leadership competence is very crucial when managing chaos during such healthcare crisis.