Gender Equality in Indonesia on ASEAN


  • Wilson Bangun Maranatha Christian University



Gender Equality, Human Development, Human Development Index, Gender Development Index, Gender Empowerment Measurement


This study aims to know the role of women in the achievement of human development in Indonesia on ASEAN. This research is an empirical study using secondary data from various sources are relevant. The assessment is done on countries in Southeast Asiawas done calculation of HDI, GDI and GEM. The research results showed that Indonesia has value of the GDI is the lowest compared with the average in the ASEAN. The most striking gap dimensions contained in the health and income. Then, Indonesian GEM increased slowly. The most striking gap found in the dimensions of income, where the men far exceed women's earnings. This happens because women work less than men because women are more traditional in Indonesia domestic role, where women are preferred in the care of the household. But, for political indicator, there is an increase in women in parliament, but has not reached the target of 30 per cent of the number of women in parliament. This situation indicates that there is a reduction in the gender gap in the economy and politics. But the numbers are still too small, need to increase the EDEP for Index of Economic Participation, Parliamentary Representation Index, and Income Index.