Effective i-360 Virtual Museum Tour: Guideline for Elements of Mise-en-Scene from Video Content


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Kedah State Museum

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Mohammad Shahiran bin Salim, & Siti Izani binti Idris. (2021). Effective i-360 Virtual Museum Tour: Guideline for Elements of Mise-en-Scene from Video Content. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 8(2), 168-172. https://doi.org/10.31580/apss.v8i2.1897


The i360 Virtual Museum Tour was developed as a facilitator for Topic 5 Mise-en-Scene and Semiotic Elements in the module DVV3013 Film Studies at the Department of Design and Visual Communication, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Polytechnic, Perlis. In terms of location selection, costumes, makeup, lighting, and actor expression, these Mise-en-scene elements include the function of a scene in the film to explain something or give a dramatic effect to the audience. This application displays the Malaysian race through the Iconography element Mise-en-scene of the background, costumes, and props highlighted as part of the Malay sultanate concept before. It was developed using a 360 camera as well as 3D vista software for editing purposes. Exploring this museum involves four main aspects, namely information related to learning at the Kedah State Museum and the Kedah Royal Museum and the quiz elements as an assessment. Design Thinking Process (Empathies, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) is used as a methodology for design and development process. Thirty-five diploma students (51.4% men, 48.6% of women) responded to the questionnaire. Based on analysis data shown this application is beneficial to know and recognize the elements of Mise-en-Scene the higher-level percentage of 93.0%.

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