Readers Insight Publisher is an open-access journal, book, and conference paper publisher based in Pakistan. Readers Insight Publisher was created with the goal of facilitating knowledge sharing by providing free access to peer-reviewed research findings. The goal is to create a knowledge society that can address the fundamental challenges that humanity faces in the digital age. To become the world's leading research institution, we actively concentrated on commitment, quality, and innovation. With high-quality standards and international collaborations, we hope to become Pakistan's largest scientific research publisher. Readers Insight publisher is incorporated with Identification No. 0180685 as a limited company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan(SECP). Readers Insight journals are recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).


  • Journal of Management Info

    Journal of Management Info (JMI) - ISSN: 2313-3376 is dedicated to advancing management theory and practice, JMI maintains rigorous academic standards. Our publication features original research, reviews, notes, and impactful theoretical works. Encompassing transdisciplinary research, the journal tackles emerging challenges in business and management, addressing policies, strategies, and activities for business, public administration, and international organizations. JMI operates as an open-access, peer-reviewed platform, employing a double-blind review process with a minimum of two reviewers. With a quarterly frequency, JMI fosters knowledge exchange, making vital contributions to the realms of business and beyond.

  • Journal of Economic Info

    Journal of Economic Info (JEI) serves as a cross-disciplinary and global platform dedicated to showcasing policy-driven research through peer-reviewed publications. It focuses on investigating social issues within the economic realm, covering aspects such as the production, distribution, and utilization of information. This encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including the economics of telecommunications, mass media, and other information industries. Additionally, the journal explores the economic aspects of innovation and intellectual property, delving into the influence of information on economic development. It also scrutinizes the role played by information and information technology in market operations. 



  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research

    IJER is to provide a platform where researcher and practitioner altogether; learn, share, and research for a better and innovative future; where ventures are socially responsible to society or culture or environment to have a sustainable livelihood and economy worldwide.

  • Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight

    The Journal of Public Value and Administrative Insight (JPVAI) is a peer-reviewed, international quarterly that publishes original, theoretical, empirical, quantitative, and qualitative research in the broad field of public value and administration. This includes recent development in the areas of public value, management, and administrative sciences as well as interdisciplinary research in related fields, such as governance, personnel administration, human resource management, organizational behavior, sustainability, innovation, leadership studies, marketing, commerce, finance, economic and operations management.

  • Journal of Research in Psychology

    The journal of research in psychology (ISSN Online 2664-9500, ISSN Print 2664-9497) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal that publishes research across multiple domains of psychological sciences. Our emphasis is on publishing quality papers rapidly and provide open access to researchers worldwide. The journal has comprehensive coverage of applied and theoretical psychology including, but not limited to health and clinical psychology, occupational psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience. 

  • Journal of Marketing and Information Systems

    The Journal of Marketing and Information Systems (JMIS) is devoted to publishing academically empirical and theoretical research articles. The journal encourages different thoughts or modern approaches on current research and also the cross-functional, multi-functional studies that reproduce the variety of the marketing and commercialization related occupations.

  • Open Journal of Science and Technology

    The "Open Journal of Science and Technology (OJST) (ISSN -2664-7974) aims to present the latest thinking and research on recent developments in Science that meet high academic quality standards, while still being accessible to non-specialists. OJST is a multidisciplinary research journal focused on Pure sciences, Applied sciences, and social sciences. OJST journal is a peer-reviewed journal, with a blind peer-review procedure involving at least two reviewers. The Journal publishes four (04) issues a year. OJST welcomes full-length research papers, Review Papers, and Research Notes. The Open Journal of Science and Technology (OJST) aims to bring its readers the very best analysis and discussion in the varied field of applied sciences.

  • Pak-Euro Journal of Medical and Life Sciences

     Pak-Euro Journal of Medical and Life Sciences (PJMLS) accepts high-quality original research, full-length articles, review articles, short communications, case reports, objective descriptions, guest editorials, book chapters, reviews in-depth and brief reports in the field of medical and life sciences. PJMLS promotes high-quality research and timely peer review (initial review decision within two weeks). Medical science, PJMLS  publishes on a wide variety of medical and related topics including biomarkers, biochemistry, anatomy, biotechnology, immunology, genetics, biodemography, neuroscience, cellular & molecular biology, exercise sciences, physiology, endocrinology, nutrition, toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacy, pathology, microbiology, psychology, health services research, clinical trials, forensic medicine, health related social sciences.

    Biological insights gleaned in studies from all aspects of life sciences and all health-related disciplines.

  • Journal of Innovation and Emerging Technologies

    The journal of INNOVATION and EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES is a quarterly international journal devoted to empirical research in innovation and emerging technologies. It is a multidisciplinary journal, focusing mostly on the fields associated with innovation and technology.

    The goal of the JOURNAL OF INNOVATION & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES  (JIET) is to improve understanding of innovation and technologies in various geographical and cultural settings. Moreover, it has the potential to serve as an international forum for discussion among researchers, with the goal of publishing papers that advance knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of management sciences. The journal will provide a framework for disseminating management research and academic brilliance. In general, management studies enable us to gain a broad understanding of business organizations and provide subject-specific knowledge in areas such as innovation, and entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing, finance, project management, operations, business policy, and strategy. In the contemporary world, emerging technologies e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchains, big data, FinTech, tecnoprenurship, etc require a lot of insights and efforts from researchers for sociotechnical adoption and management.  This journal attempts to focus this area of technovation and management. 

  • Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences

    Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences provides a versatile tool tailored to your conference publishing requirements. Publishing your proceedings on Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is very affordable and accessible by the readership is open without registration or charge. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences is run by the Connecting Asia Research Network for the scientific community. Moreover, the online publication process is fast thanks to the software system that runs the entire editorial procedure. Conference organizers are thus provided with a very convenient, web-based tool for running the publication of the proceedings.

  • Science Proceedings Series

    Science Proceedings Series provides a versatile tool tailored to your conference publishing requirements. Publishing your proceedings on SSP is very affordable and accessible by the readership is open without registration or charge. SPS is run by the Connecting Asia Research Network for the scientific community. Moreover, the online publication process is fast thanks to the software system that runs the entire editorial procedure. Conference organizers are thus provided with a very convenient, web-based tool for running the publication of the proceedings.