About the Journal

The journal of research in psychology is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal that publishes research across multiple domains of psychological sciences. Our emphasis is on publishing quality papers rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide. The journal has comprehensive coverage of applied and theoretical psychology including, but not limited to health and clinical psychology, occupational psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience. We also accept papers that are interdisciplinary in nature and utilizes psychological theories to explains phenomena in other disciplines. The broad disciplines include social sciences, physical sciences, metaphysics and spirituality, theology, language and communication, history, politics and business management. Preference would be given to those studies in which authors are able to highlight the relevance and contribution of their research to the field of psychology and its significance to an aspect of human life. In addition to conceptual reviews, quantitative and qualitative research papers, we are also open to clinical case studies, debates, short communications, interviews and book reviews. For information on specific submission requirements, refer to Authors Guidelines