The Evaluation of Admission Student Policy based on Zoning Sys-tem for Acceleration Education Quality in Indonesia


admission student, policy, zoning, transparence, regulation

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Bakar, K. A. A., Supriyati, Y., & Hanafi, I. (2019). The Evaluation of Admission Student Policy based on Zoning Sys-tem for Acceleration Education Quality in Indonesia. Journal of Management Info, 6(2), 19-24.


In the 2017, Indonesia starts a new policy on admission student, namely the admission student through zoning. The policy came from the Minister, he aimed student get closer to school and to make all school became favorite. It purposes acceleration for increasing quality of education in Indonesia. The strategy based on equitable distribution of student population and the capacity of school, it's a long term strategy. This research used qualitative method, it begun from issues identification, secondary data analysis from others research, monitoring and evaluation, mass media, and online media. The research aims are to identification the fact of policy implementation, to know the impact of the policy on stakeholders, to understand precisely and affirmative policy. The result of this research, we found that the policy changed the paradigm of education policy perceptive, especially on stakeholders’ perception in many aspects. The essence of the regulation that was accommodated by the Minister of Education and Culture leds to its diverse implementation of regulation in the region because gave a space of flexibility for district to adopt the regulation that made because of geographic, demography and spatial matter. School had positive response because more transparence, school has negative response like smart student cannot go to a good school because not a part of zone, constraints and problems of implementation such faking family card and resistance from parent. At the last, the discussion purposed the fit model of implementation policy on admission student and the recommendations


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