Narrative review of theories on Juveniles deviant behaviour


Deviant behaviour
Drug Abuse

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Kamal, F. (2018). Narrative review of theories on Juveniles deviant behaviour. Journal of Management Info, 4(4), 8-11.


Recently, Involvement of young people in different criminal activities is evidence of increased deviant behaviour in young people in Malaysia. Over the past decade, the figures for deviant behaviours among young people in Malaysia continue to increase every year. Many theories have been presented over the years to investigate the factors that are linked to the juvenile’s deviant behaviour. The current study aims to review the existing theories on the Juveniles deviant behaviour to identify the possible caused of the deviant behaviour among juveniles in Malaysia. The results indicated that there are many factors that lead young generation to the deviant behaviour like, lack of parental attention, lack of education, drug abuse and media influence, membership in gangs and urbanization. The results of the current study provided insights of the factors that lead young generation to the criminal activities in Malaysia. It will be helpful for the government for policy making to avoid these factors that lead young people to deviant behaviour in Malaysia.
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