Readers Insight is an independent international publisher of journals, books, and conferences papers. We deliberately focused on the three main areas i.e., commitment, quality and innovations, as we intended to be the world leader in our chosen academic, educational, and professional markets.

The major products include:

  • Journals at the front position of knowledge management, contributing to the disciplines of the future demand and delivered the possible solutions to the industry.
  • Academic, reference books and conference proceedings with breadth of vision and valuable content
  • Journal papers, academic books and conference papers will reflect the practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges in the 21st century.


Readers Insight initially plans to publish four promising journals in the field of Economics, Management, Energy and Operations Management. The service we offer is highly individualized based on a thorough understanding of our journal goals and publication aspirations. We intend to set and maintain the highest standards in editorial, production, and online distribution, as we are committed to meeting the needs of academic and professional communities and to working with those communities to define and meet their information needs of the future.

Editor-In-Chief: Dr. Khalid Zaman