Prediction human skin temperature in comfort level


thermal comfort; bioheat; finite element

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Zainol, Z., Tap, M. M., & Kamar, H. (2019). Prediction human skin temperature in comfort level. Science Proceedings Series, 1(3), 1-4.


Thermal comfort is the human subject perceive satisfaction to the work environment. The thermal comfort need to be achieve towards productive working environment. The comfort level of the subject is affected by the human skin temperature. To assess the skin temperature with the sorrounding by conducting human experiment in the climatic chamber. It is rigorous and complex experiment.This study was developed to predict human skin temperature in comfort level with the finite element method and the bioheat equation. The bioheat equation is a consideration of metabolic heat generation and the blood perfusion to solve heat transfer of the living tissue. It is to determine the skin temperature focussing at the human arm. From the study, it is found that the predicted skin temperature value were in well agreement with the experimental results. The percentage error insignificant with acceptable error of 1.05%.
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