Benefits BIM Infrastructure for Constructor


Building Information Modelling (BIM), infrastructure, benefits for constructor

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BALQES, N.-U. (2019). Benefits BIM Infrastructure for Constructor. Science Proceedings Series, 1(2), 103-106.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a major transformation in the construction industry. The construction is among the best solutions to overcome too many problems faced in the construction industry. Conventional construction is associated with two-dimensional (2D)  drawing technology while BIM used three-dimensional (3D) model and each component in the construction process contains detail information. Therefore this study is to collect the previous studies on the benefits of BIM in infrastructure from the perspective of the constructor to view the use of this method. The basic development of BIM for infrastructure is emphasized in this observation. Benefits for the constructor for BIM for infrastructure will be analysed from past research. Through this observation, we have found many benefits for construction on BIM for infrastructure. However, the listed benefits are the most stated in past research. These benefits show that this technology of BIM is the most effective method that been applied in the infrastructure construction industry.
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