qualitative analysis
Global Software Engineering

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Subbarao, A. (2019). TOWARDS ANALYZING QUALITATIVE DATA. Science Proceedings Series, 1(2), 66-68.


Managing a software project at distributed sites which is called as Global Software Engineering (GSE) are very challenging compared to managing a project at collocated site. There are many contributing factors which makes the coordination as a big challenge in GSE because of the software project is developed across the countries and the team members are segregated all over the world (da Silva, Costa, Franca, & Prikladinicki, 2010). Therefore, projects that are developed in GSE needs more extensive coordination. Many models have been developed to overcome the coordination challenges in GSE. Despite of having numerous models in GSE, to the best of researcher’s knowledge there is no model to assess the coordination procedures in GSE projects. Thus, at the end of the research, the researchers proposed an Evaluation Model to assess the coordination procedures effectively in GSE projects. So to formulate this model, one of the research objective is to identify the coordination approaches and related indicators in GSE from the real GSE project practitioners, this is done through qualitative analysis using Nvivo.
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