Automated Guided Vehicle, Routing and algorithms

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hasan, hameedah. (2019). Automated Guided Vehicle, Routing and algorithms. Science Proceedings Series, 1(2), 1-3.


The routing problem of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) targets to  discovery the shortest path between two station. AGV is used widly in transporting sysrems. Earily it used in static routing (pre-defined routes), which follow fixed line. Instead of using fixed path, there is another type which is dynamic routing can use to add a high flexibility to the system.To accommodate the increased flexibility and reduce time. In this paper, routing of AGV is introduced. Different AGV shortest path algorithms are presented with highlights their main differences between them. Furthermore, AGV routing in real time using local position system (LPS) wthin labview environment is achived.

Keywords: AGV; Dynamic Routing; Shortest Path Algorithm; local position system ____________________________________________________________________
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