The Impact of Green Purchasing Capabilities and Practices on Firm Sustainability


Green Purchasing

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Yee Foo, M., Kanapathy, K., Zailani, S., & Shaharudin, M. R. (2019). The Impact of Green Purchasing Capabilities and Practices on Firm Sustainability. Science Proceedings Series, 1(1), 16-21.


The Conceptual  framework of this study consists of the  three main hypotheses to examine and reflect the positive relationship between the green purchasing capabilities ( integration, intra-organizational, innovative, financial and manufacturing)  and green purchasing practices (supplier   selection,   development,   collaboration,and   evaluation)   on   triple   bottom   line performance.  (Environmental,  economic  and  intangible  performance).  The  results  of  the study   revealed   that   green   manufacturing,   financial, intraorganisational,   and   integration capabilities  have  positive  significant  effects  on  green  purchasing  practices.   Nevertheless, innovation capabilities have no significant effect on green purchasing practices. On the other hand, the survey results indicate that green purchasing practices have positive effects on the triple  bottom  line  performance  of  the  firms. The  research  finding  shows  that  there  is  a positive   effect   of   green   manufacturing   capabilities,   green   integration   capabilities   and green intraorganisational capabilities on the triple bottom line performance. Meanwhile, there is  no  effect  of  green  innovative  and  green  financial  capabilities  on  the triple  bottom  line performance of the firms
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