Steam Burn Injury Model of Firefighter’s Personal Protective Clothing


Burn Injury

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Zainol, Z. N., Md Tap, M., & Mohamed Kamar, H. (2019). Steam Burn Injury Model of Firefighter’s Personal Protective Clothing. Science Proceedings Series, 1(1), 7-11.


Burn injury is one of the most common injury among firefighters. Moisture comes from perspiration or hose spray absorbed in the personal protective clothing and steam burn injury  occur with continuous heat exposure. The heat transfer from the heat flux is enhanced due to transformation material properties that holds high thermal conductivity and heat conductivity. Finite element method is used to predict steam burn injury among firefighters. The model is developed in 1dimensional cylinderical quarter geometry representing the human limb. It is discovered the skin temperature 10°C increases with wet material than dry material. The pain threshold at the lower arm of wet material condition is formed 40second rapidly compare to dry material condition. The first degree burn occur at t=9.5second sooner than the dry condition t=25second. The skin temperature increases with the wet material resulting severe skin burn. It is found that the wet personal protective clothing had compromised its thermal protection. Therefore, firefighters will experience high risk of thermal hazard.
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