Clay, Cool Roof, Surface Temperature, Thermal Performance

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Lesado, A. (2018). CLAY ROOFING TILE: A COOL ROOF?. Open Journal of Science and Technology, 1(1), 1-3.


The aim of this study is to determine if the clay roofing tile in its natural albedo can be considered “cool” in the thermal performance through a comparison of its surface temperature to a cool coated clay tile using the exposure rack method. It begins with highlighting the expectation (from review) of the thermal performance of a cool colored tile and comparing the surface temperature (maximum, mean and minimum) of the tiles. Day and night time temperature behaviors were also compared using graphs on excel software. A python t- test of means was also carried out to determine if there was any significant difference in the performance of the materials. It was found that the performance of the clay tile in its natural albedo is a cool tile in its thermal performance. The implication of this is a cost saving strategy. However, further research is needed as a form of coating may be needed in order to enhance its life span. A non- color coat whose only function is to protect the surface of the tile. This does not in any way disregard the use of coated tiles as user preference may still tend towards non- natural clay colored tiles, its purpose is to encourage informed cheaper methods of achieving cool roof strategies
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