Impact of Accountability on Public Service Delivery efficiency.


Accountability; Public Service delivery; New Public Management

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Rana, F., Ali, A., Riaz, W., & Irfan, A. (2019). Impact of Accountability on Public Service Delivery efficiency. Journal of Public Value and Administration Insights, 2(1), 7-9.


Accountability in public organization is necessary to ensure efficient public service delivery which ultimately strengthens the democracy. Lack of accountability in public organization undermines public confidence. If there is no check and balance on public organization then it will threaten the very fabric of our society and ultimately to democracy. This study took waste management associations of two big cities of Punjab and collect data from their officials. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that there is a strong and positive relationships exist between accountability and public service delivery. The government should ensure accountability in public organization to enhance the efficiency level of public service delivery.
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