Customer Satisfaction In Conquas and Qlassic Certified Housing Projects


CONQUAS, QLASSIC, Quality Assessment, Customer Satisfaction

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bin Sulaiman, S., Jusoh, A., Ying, K., & Soheilirad, S. (2019). Customer Satisfaction In Conquas and Qlassic Certified Housing Projects. Journal of Public Value and Administration Insights, 2(1), 10-17.


Construction activities in Malaysia, as in many developing countries are growing tremendously which generate towards the nation Gross Domestic income. With the growing numbers of developments specifically build to cater for the growing demand for the residential, commercial houses, specific quality standards has to be developed in order to regulate the standard quality that the contractors will need to deliver. Construction Quality Assessment by Building Construction Authority (BCA Singapore) and Quality Assessment in Construction (QLASSIC) by CIDB Malaysia being developed to set certain benchmarking standard for the building quality. A lot of occurrences reported in the news where the purchasers of the houses were not satisfied with the quality level for the houses being delivered. The objective of this study is to relate the CONQUAS/QLASSIC to customer satisfaction of the residential housing. The methodology adopted questionnaire and individual purchaser response was unit of analysis. In summary, the different between QLASSIC- based assessment and CONQUAS- based assessment in regards to customer satisfaction, was significant which stated for the satisfaction for the CONQUAS is higher than the QLASSIC projects. Hopefully, this research added value to academic research in understanding the benefit of implementing CONQUAS/QLASSIC standards towards increasing the market value of the property market.
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