Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth of Pakistan


Foreign Aid
Gross Domestic Product
Economic Growth
Government Expenditure
Domestic Saving

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Pohwani, P., Khoso, J., & Ahmed, W. (2019). Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth of Pakistan. Journal of Public Value and Administration Insights, 2(1), 18-25.


This study focuses to find out the impact of foreign aid on economic growth of Pakistan. Since Pakistan is among the countries who receive high amount of foreign aid therefore this research aims to find out its impact on economic growth of Pakistan. Gross Domestic Product has been used as a proxy of economic growth of Pakistan. Other variables include foreign aid, which is independent variables and dependent variables includes government expenditure, domestic savings, and Gross Domestic Product. To find out this impact, data on all the above mentioned variables is collected for the period of 25 years that is from year 1991 to 2015. Results from Linear Regression Analysis shows that foreign aid has no significant impact on government expenditure, domestic savings and Gross Domestic Product.
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