Systematic Review of Public Value


Public Value; Systematic Review, Public Administration

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Sami, A., Jusoh, A., Md Nor, K., Irfan, A., & Qureshi, M. (2018). Systematic Review of Public Value. Journal of Public Value and Administration Insights, 1(1), 1-6.


Public value is a new and important concept in the field of public administration. A large number of researchers has focused on the concept of public value during the last 10 years or so. This concept gives a new idea of public management with the theme of people’s first approach to facilitate them. Public value creation is the main concern of public managers in today’s public sector organizations. This paper presents a systematic literature review of 413 articles published on the topic of public value in Scopus index journals from 1995 to 2018. A large number of articles on public value shows the importance of the concept of public value. This systematic literature review reveals that most of the work on public value has been done in developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Netherland and developing countries are far behind on the research of public value.
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