Barriers to Cooperatives Growth as Social Entrepreneur


Social Entrepreneur

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Nor Hamimah Mastor, Siti Zaleha Omain, Asan Ali, & Dewi Fariha Earnest. (2019). Barriers to Cooperatives Growth as Social Entrepreneur. Journal of Economic Info, 6(4), 18-20.


Cooperative is conventionally known an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise (International Cooperative Alliance,2014).  Despite of having a long tradition of cooperatives movement evidenced by the vast numbers of cooperatives (14,094 in June 2018) in Malaysia, cooperatives are still left far behind to become more competitive in order to not only satisfy their cooperators but also to the societies.  The emphasis on transformation of cooperatives as social entrepreneurship is clearly outlined in the third strategic thrust of National Entrepreneurship Framework 2018.  Thus, the current study aims to identify barriers that hinder cooperatives from safeguarding member’s wellbeing and further provide service to the communities.  A set of questionnaire which consists of two sections namely background of cooperative and barriers to social entrepreneur were distributed to the registered cooperatives who participated in Konvensyen Pemerkasaan Koperasi 2019.  Among barriers uncovered were lack of capital, involve in only conventional activities, weak structure, absence of good governance, lack of cooperation between cooperatives, lack of managerial talent and lack of integrity among the management and members in cooperatives.  Conclusions and recommendations were discussed.


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