Factors Impacting the Student’s Loyalty: An Empirical Investigation of Higher Education Sector In Pakistan


Student’s loyalty, Student satisfaction, HEC

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Fatima, M., & Khero, M. (2019). Factors Impacting the Student’s Loyalty: An Empirical Investigation of Higher Education Sector In Pakistan. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research, 1(2), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.31580/ijer.v1i2.475


Student loyalty ensures management to take better strategies to improve the performance of any institute. The purpose of this research is to examine the factors impacting student’s loyalty through an empirical investigation of Higher Education Sector of Pakistan. The data for this research was collected through questionnaires from four major private universities of Karachi: SZABIST, IQRA University, Bahria University and Institute of Business Management (IOBM) with a sample size of 380. According to the nature of data, descriptive statistic and inferential statistics (regression & correlation) was used. In this research 51.6% respondents were male followed by females which are 47.9%. Results show that, female respondents are more inclined towards a university brand name and location as compare to males. On the side, males are more concerned about the universities’ market value and faculty (teachers) as the major traits while choosing a particular university as compare to females. For universities facilities both the gender male and females have not shown much enthusiasm and interest. Moreover, program offered by the university, fee structure and extracurricular activities are not the primary focus for students (both male and females) as one of the university traits. Further the results demonstrate that, academic facilities and service attitude are highly correlated and have a great impact on student’s loyalty. Moreover, campus environment having a weaker correlation also impact’s the student’s loyalty.  Other factors like, HOD and program manager have a significantly weak correlation with student loyalty and at the same time does not produce any impact. This research responded the questions raised and welcomed a wide range of discussions for the university management to work closely for student’s welfare to enhance and maintain the student’s loyalty. The study is restricted within three HEC institutes of Karachi city only due to limited time frame and financial resources available.



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