Corporate Governance
Firm Performance
Pakistan Cement Industry
Pakistan Stock Exchange
Return on Equity

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Kazi, A. G., Arain, M. A., & Sahetiya, P. D. (2018). CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND FIRM PERFORMANCE NEXUS: A CASE OF CEMENT INDUSTRY OF PAKISTAN. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research, 1(1), 1-6.


Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and method by that business corporations are directed and controlled. The aim of this research is to examine the impact of the corporate governance on the financial performance of the enlisted cement industry on the Pakistan Stock Exchange from the year 2013-17. This research is a “quantitative research” which focuses on numbers and results based on empirical analysis of actual data and logic. Ten out of seventeen cement firms listed at PSX from the period 2013-17 are selected as sample of the study. Data was collected from documents and records. Descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation and multiple regressions were used for data analysis. The results showed that there is no significant relationship between leverage and firm performance, the board structure has no significant relationship with firm performance, and firm size has an insignificant relationship with firm performance. The results however suggested that ownership structure has significant relationship with firm performance. The future investors in cement industry of Pakistan must consider above factors before investments. This study helps shareholders and management in decision making about the effect of ownership structure on firm performance and how these can change ownership structure. This study helps students to gain knowledge and understanding about good corporate governance and its impact on firm performance. It will also help them to go through the annual reports of companies and to analyse the financial statements so that they could learn how to analyse the performance of the firm in terms of ROE. Moreover, the study would also be a direction for future researchers and students to further add value to the subject of corporate governance and firm performance.
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