The Effect of Training on Employees' Productivity in Public Organizations in U.A.E


Employee's Productivity

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Mohamed Al Ali, R. A. A., Md Yusoff, R., Binti Ismail, F., & Kazi, A. G. (2018). The Effect of Training on Employees’ Productivity in Public Organizations in U.A.E. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research, 1(1), 15-18.


Today, many organizations of different sizes are facing challenges related to the productivity of labour and staff. Training of is an important factor that contributes positively to employee's productivity. This study is an attempt to discuss the theories of training and examines the influence of training on the productivity of employees in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in U.A.E. It is assumed in this study that many organizations in U.A.E have weak interest to use new theories in training and want to continue on traditional methods which may not lead to the desired results. Therefore, the lack of effective training is one of the main reasons for low productivity in public organizations in UAE. The findings of this study showed that training is correlated with employee’s productivity in a positive, causal, and high degrees of association. Therefore, it is highly recommended to focus on using suitable training methods that match the type of business and tasks required from employees in order to increase their productivity.
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