The Mediating Effect of Job Performance on the Association between Training and Employees' Productivity in Public Organizations in U.A.E


Employee's Productivity
Job Performance

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Mohamed Al Ali, R. A. A., Md Yusoff, R., Kazi, A. G., & Binti Ismail, F. (2018). The Mediating Effect of Job Performance on the Association between Training and Employees’ Productivity in Public Organizations in U.A.E. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Research, 1(1), 11-14.


Training and Development is a very important factor in most organizations in today business world. While job performance is an essential factor that influences the productivity of employees and affected by training as well. This study is conducted in U.AE in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. The aim of this study is to investigate the mediating role of job performance on the association between training and employee’s productivity. It is assumed in this study poor job performance and the inability to develop the skills and knowledge of staff is mainly because of inadequate training in accordance with modern methods and theories. The findings showed that training is strongly correlated with employee’s productivity and this relationship is mediated by the effect of job performance. It is highly recommended to focus on using new training methods based on latest theories to improve the performance of employees as well as their productivity.
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