Relationship Between Management's Commitment With Job Satisfaction According To Shari’ah-Based QMS (MS1900:2014): An Empirical Study At Malaysian HEI


Management’s Commitment
Shari’ah Based QMS (MS1900)
Job Satisfaction
Malaysian HEI

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MOHAMED, H. A.-B., Mohamad, M. H. A.-B., Basir, S. A., Mohaiyadin, N. M. A.-B., Mohd Saudi, N. S. A.-B., & Loong, W. W. (2019). Relationship Between Management’s Commitment With Job Satisfaction According To Shari’ah-Based QMS (MS1900:2014): An Empirical Study At Malaysian HEI. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(3), 93-95.


Management's commitment in an organization plays an important role in ensuring the application of effective quality management system (QMS). This article explores the
relationship between management,s commitment of the organisation that implements Shari'ahbased Quality Management System (MS1900:2014) with job satisfaction at Malaysian Higher Education Institution (HEI). The methodology of this study employed a qualitative design via a semi-structured interview conducted on selected respondents. The respondents consist of employees who are directly and actively involved with the implementation of MS1900 standard. The findings of this study shows that management's commitment has apparently influenced job satisfaction among the employees at HEI. Therefore, the results of this study can serve as a guide to ensure that the implementation of quality management system based on Shari'ah standards (MS1900) can be applied effectively, blessed and rewarded by Allah GTH.


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