Multi Dimensionality of work family conflict in East and West: how do Malaysians fare?


work family conflict
time based
strain based
behavior based Malaysia

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Hassan, Z., Abdullah Bandar, N. F., sabil, surena, Abang Ibrahim, D. K., & Md Nor, N. N. (2019). Multi Dimensionality of work family conflict in East and West: how do Malaysians fare?. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(3), 52-54.


Malaysians employees significantly experienced less time and strain based WFC compared to Western employees. However, Malaysian employees experienced significantly more behavior-based WFC compared to Western counterparts.  Malaysian employees in this study scored second lowest in time-based WFC and lowest in strain-based WFC. On the other hand, Malaysian employees experienced second highest behavior based WFC compared to Western employees. It is interesting to note that, in contrast to Western findings, the Malaysian employees experienced more behavior based conflict than time based or strain based conflict, particularly among male Malaysian employees. Cultural dimension of Malaysians society  such as collectivism and  tradiational gender role ideology may explained the findings.


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