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Pebriantika, L. (2019). NEEDS ANALYSIS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF E-MODULES AS TEACHING MATERIALS. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(3), 49-51.


Modules are media or means of learning designed systematically and interestingly to achieve the competencies expected and used independently (Hamdani, 2011). There are several characteristics of the module including 1) Self Instructional; 2) Self Contained; 3) Standalone; 4) Adaptive, and 5) User-Friendly. (Depdiknas, 2008). However, the modules that have used so far are still textbook. Utilization of information technology in learning will create an interesting and meaningful learning process for students. (Maki.B, 2012). Need analysis is needed to find out what teaching materials are needed by students to assist in the learning process. So, teaching materials that will be developed must be by the characteristics of students. (Smaldino.S, 2008). One of the information technology-based teaching materials is E-Module. Based on the results of several studies explaining positive student respondents to the E-Module because E-Modules are considered more attractive, there are multimedia elements which will make learning more interesting. (Johnson Lim Soon Chong, 2005).


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