An Overview of the Impact of Restructuring on Public Service in Nigeria


Keywords: Restructuring, Nigeria, Public Service, Employees.

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Lawan, A. M. (2019). An Overview of the Impact of Restructuring on Public Service in Nigeria. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(3), 33-36.


The Restructuring is the process of changing the lawful, possession, functioning, or other structures of an organisation to make it more lucrative or well planned for its current needs. The paper discusses the various mechanisms of public service reorganisation, which are economic steadiness, management productivity, confidence building and public transparency. It led to the downsizing and casualisation of a civil servant. This study aims to examine the impact of restructuring on public service in Nigeria. The methodology involves a systematic literature review which entails the document analysis of secondary data of the related subject matter. The discoveries reveal that restructuring sometimes invades on the right of a civil servant by stripping out their social security. The article concludes that the régime must halt unfair work practice such as cost-cutting and casualisation of employees, and advance right working environments to ensure civil servant double their effort.


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