Wan Yusoff bin Wan Mahmood, A Conceptual Framework For The Deveopment of Quality Culture in The Construction Industry


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Nugraha, S., & Latief, Y. (2019). Wan Yusoff bin Wan Mahmood, A Conceptual Framework For The Deveopment of Quality Culture in The Construction Industry. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 4(3), 29-32. https://doi.org/10.31580/apss.v4i3.825


The construction industry is being viewed as one with poor quality emphasis
compared to other sectors like the manufacturing and service sectors. Many criticisms
have been directed to the construction industry for generally shoddy workmanship.
This is mainly the result of the industry’s failure to achieve the expected performance
level in delivering its finished product and its customer service. Total quality
management (TQM) is increasingly being adopted by construction companies as an
initiative to solve quality problems in the construction industry and to meet the needs
of the customer. However, construction firms have been continually struggling with
its implementation. Cultural change is being recognised as an important aspect of total
quality development. However, the issue surrounding quality culture and their
development has not been comprehensively studied. Based on literature review, this
paper discusses the issue of quality culture and a conceptual framework for the
development of quality culture in construction industry



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