Case Study of Workplace Spirituality on Organizational Commitments among University Members in Malaysia


organizational commitment
workplace spirituality
university members’ performance

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Chan, ling meng, Chelliah, T. D., Jaganathan, M., & Koay, Y.-Y. (2019). Case Study of Workplace Spirituality on Organizational Commitments among University Members in Malaysia. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 3(2), 10-14.


Based on the recent past studies (Ahmad & Omar, 2015; Ke & Deng, 2018; Ghani, Abdullah & Allah, 2018), there are increasing attention from the researchers to examine the workplace spirituality in the organization. This research study sought to study the influences of workplace spirituality (Allen & Meyer , 2000) on organizational commitments among university members in Malaysia. Data of 240 responses were collected and analyzed via partial least squares structural equation modeling to examine both the measurement and structural model. It is significantly accentuated that workplace spirituality influences the three dimensions of organizational commitment. From this empirical findings, it strongly suggested that the university should find ways to embed this workplace spirituality into university members’ performance in order to enhance the loyalty and employee engagement with the university (Alas & Mousa, 2016).

This study has proposed three hypothesis and results indicated that there is a significant relationship between workplace spirituality on the three dimensions of organizational commitment. With increasing the spirituality of employees towards their workplace, it can enhance the loyalty and motivation for the employee to stay in the organization


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